Former Ruby Room reopens as The Merrow

The infamous art and music venue in Hillcrest formerly known as the Ruby Room (R.I.P.) reopened yesterday as The Merrow.

Early last month, Sean and Brittni Cute announced that they were selling their shares of the Ruby Room location to their business partner, Paul Smith, citing “creative and directional differences.”

According to a press release, the split was amicable.

While the Cutes stew up new plans for the Ruby Room identity, Smith reopened the location on July 5 with a “new look, a new philosophy, some familiar faces and a free show.”

“I really wanted to upgrade the building and improve the space with a new look and theme,” said Smith. “There were always features about the inside that were very nautical in nature to me and that was really the inspiration for the new name.”

Merrow is the Irish Gaelic equivalent for mermaid and mermen.

Nautical embellishments aside, Smith says “the bathrooms have been completely redone, the sound system will be upgraded to be one of the better sound systems in San Diego. The bar has been rebuilt and for musicians we are integrating a better system to have the ability for more dynamic performances.”

Ruby Room regulars will recognize the mighty beard of Shiloh Nabors-Bloxton behind the sound board.

“We will continue to support live music, art and community events,” says Nabors-Bloxton.

In addition, many of Ruby’s bar staff will continue to work at the location and are currently formulating a new drink menu for The Merrow.

“I think the place will appeal to a larger demographic, young to old, the shows will likely dictate a given night,” says Smith. “If you're looking for a cool place to hang out that is inviting, comfortable, and not overly pretentious, as well a place to catch a good show, this will be the place.”

See what The Merrow is all about at upcoming events including Bearracuda on July 12, SD Union (drum and bass/mulit-genre) on July 13 during Pride weekend, and Comic Con Nerd-a-thon with Tiny Nightmare Productions throughout Comic Con weekend.

Look for more on The Merrow in upcoming installments of Here's the Deal.

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