Serious supporters of Sweetwater trustee Pearl Quiñones

Surprising allegations, questionable tactics

Jimmy Delgado (left) has a word with Alex Anguiano on January 7
  • Jimmy Delgado (left) has a word with Alex Anguiano on January 7

It’s no secret that the allegations of long-term corruption in the Sweetwater Union High School District have roiled the South Bay waters. A recent U-T article even calls on South Bay politicians to discuss the region’s negative image. Concerns are growing that, while the wheels of justice slowly grind along, the pot is beginning to boil.

In the recent election, Jessica Saenz-Gonzalez was a candidate against Sweetwater trustee Pearl Quiñones. In November 2012, NBCLatino ran a story titled “School board race in California turns ugly.” In the story, Saenz-Gonzalez alleged that a supporter of Quiñones’s campaign had harassed her and her children and thrown rocks at her car. Saenz-Gonzalez said she filed four complaints with the Chula Vista Police Department.

The reporter, Diane Guevara of KNSD, also interviewed Quiñones, who stated, “[Saenz-Gonzalez] doesn’t have a platform, so she’s just trying to run on something that [is] going to discredit me.” In the interview, Quiñones admitted that a certain young man who had been working for her campaign was implicated as the harasser by Saenz-Gonzalez, but Quiñones declined to give his name because he was a minor.

In December, another incident roiled the South Bay waters. Alex Anguiano, president of Sweetwater Education Association, addressed the Sweetwater board about comments he deemed menacing from someone he referred to as “witness #4.” Witness #4 refers to Jimmy Delgado, a witness who gave testimony in a failed restraining-order hearing launched by trustee John McCann against parent and activist Stewart Payne.

Anguiano also told the board that Jimmy Delgado heads the Latino Political Action Committee of San Diego, which contributed $1000 to Pearl Quiñones in the recent election.

All of these developments took a new turn January 7 in the entryway to the San Diego Superior Courthouse, following the hearing of 15 defendants in the Sweetwater case.

Relevant to the incident in the courthouse entryway is the Chula Vista police incident report regarding the alleged parking-lot altercation after an April 2012 Sweetwater board meeting. The following excerpts are from Delgado’s statement:

“When Mr. McCann approached Mr. Payne, Mr. Payne did not shake his hand and aggressively pointed his finger in Mr. McCann’s face….” Later in the statement, Delgado states that he advised Payne “it was always wise to put your hands in your pocket when you felt that you might become aggressive….”

According to many people who witnessed Delgado at the courthouse on January 7, Delgado doesn't follow his own advice. Maura Larkins, who was at the scene reporting for her San Diego Education Report blog, wrote the following account:

“San Ysidro Schools employee Jimmy Delgado provided some drama after the hearing by aggressively pointing his finger in the face of Alex Anguiano, president of Sweetwater Education Association, and threatening to sue him if he said anything untrue about Delgado. Apparently Mr. Delgado was angry that Mr. Anguiano (and the large group of Sweetwater teachers accompanying Mr. Anguiano) were NOT supporting Pearl Quiñones. The teachers were quite miffed with the arraigned board members and with former superintendent Jesus Gandara, another defendant.”

Another witness provided the accompanying video:

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Wow for a minister to do this speaks volume of his character dont you think. This man lied under oath in the McCann TRO hearing can we not trust anyone in the South County anymore. I dont care who you support you don't get in someones face like that, Mr. Alex showed a lot of restraint because personally I would have decked him. Look at the people that Ms. Quinones surrounds herself with, no wonder she is in so much trouble.

Mr. Alex showed a lot of restraint because personally I would have decked him

I would have laid the guy out in a a nanosecond if he tried to get that close to me...........

SurfPuppy: interesting, as my husband just said "REAL men do not get into another mans face unless they are looking for a cold cocking". not many men would have shown the self control that payne and anguiano did.

Let's not forget that Ms. Pearl is one of the 'elite' of those indicted, whose charges also include extortion (along with Ricasa, Sandoval, Gandara). Even if those other pesky charges seem meaningless to some, extortion is really quite messy because it involves demanding something while in office, or 'under official color' of office. So you see, that she didn't just allow herself to be bribed like the others, but she and her fellow elitists are charged with making demands for things of value. If you will check back to Pearl's quotes in the earlier indictments, she was asking a vendor to support and help her land a well-compensated state commission job, and wrote an e-mail comment to the effect of , "I help those who help me."

So, this is now not surprising that she would have bullies to help her 'enforce' her territory. Seems she believes she 'owns' the public job as well as those who would provide whatever she asks.

It would be interesting to see if Mr. Delgado is really a minister. We know he lied under oath in court in CV. It's been said that he is an assistant to a pastor named Misael Saragosa in a church in National City. We also know that Pearl tried to get him on in Sweetwater but supposedly Gandara said no because of his reputation.

"Gandara said no because of his reputation"???!

What does that tell us...that's got to be a first.

Any more information on that reputation?

More bullying? Other threats? Plying some of the rougher trades?

“It’s the first step in a long process,” Anguiano said after Monday’s arraignment. “Hopefully one that will end up bettering our district. It is time for the corruption that has become synonymous with Sweetwater to end.”.

In the Hall of Justice, shortly after making these comments to a UT reporter, I was referred to as a “joto” by one supporter of an indicted school member. Outside of the entrance to the Hall of Justice, I was referred to as a “faggot” by another supporter ( the man in the picture that is pointing his finger at me ) of the same school board member and challenged to meet him around the corner.

I’m still reflecting on those comments.

I plan to continue attending the court proceedings.

Standing right there with you Alex, and heard both references loud and clear.


"I will sue YOU...and you BETTER have money"

Loved it.

Jimmy Delgado, as a union activist, is a "public figure", or semi public figure at a minimum, as such you can say anything you want to about him, without malice of course, and he can't do jack shit about it.............................

i heard the guy was an educator in the san ysidro district which is great cause for concern and now it is stated he is a minister. guess he was cut from a different cloth than most ministers and educators. allegedly he has been trying to be hired on at the sweetwater district - NOT someone we need obviously.

while young men can be emotional ms. quinones definitely should have had control of the alleged supporter. fortunately for Ms. Saenz-Gonzalez and her family members no one was hurt.

on a positive note at least Mr. Anguiano did not go running to the board for legal fees like John Mccann did. Mccanns FAILED restraining order cost us approximately $8,000 - but hey what's it to mr. conservative - NOT ---------- it was only our hard earned tax dollars. if you read delgaldos lips he is saying something to the effect of 'you better have alot of money'!!!!! surely mr. delgado knows that teaching does not pay much, and at sweetwater is pays even less - let us not forget the furlough days our educators voted on "for the kids" -

well now we all know what this educator/minister/threatening man looks like - at all costs AVOID HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pear quinones, Saenz-Gonzalez, DID INDEED have a platform on which to run - "she was running against you" and she has integrity.

i personally voted for George Cameron as i believed he had the experience, integrity, and negotiating skills to make a difference to all factions.

So this guy was a witness for McCann?

Apparently he was the best example of an upright citizen that McCann could latch onto...

CVRES : That would be a yes. He showed up in court but evidently the judge saw thru the both of them. As if the courts have nothing better to do, as if our students couldn't have better used the thousands that McCann paid his attorney for representation at restraining order hearing.

Isn't is simply breathtaking that in this age of cell phone video an individual would threaten another JUST OUTSIDE A COURTROOM? (To the Wrong, you just have to add Stupid?)

What does that tell us about the person doing the threatening? Bullingy tactics--not unknown from the circle of Ed Brand and associates, check that box. References to money, as in "You better have alot of it..."--so we can add greed, check that box. Threats being made on behalf of another (with or without that person's knowledge or permission?), could be pre-planned...maybe then some sort of conspiracy to intimidate potential witnesses in this case?

And the person they are supporting is Pearl Quinones, another shining star from Gandara's home turf in Texas. I just wonder how deep the cross-pollination of corruption can possibly go.

I think it's time for the Pearl act of 'wounded flower' to be retired. She is a crooked person put in place by a crooked system, and it is time to eradicate all this crookedness.

Bob Filner's support notwithstanding.

And, as for Mr. Delgado--shouldn't we at least send him to charm school? Does anyone know who or what he is doing in San Ysidro? He can't be much of a force for good if this is how he acts in public. More like small-time punk action from someone destined to remain a small-time punk.

With all the charges and countercharges and criminal indictments going on now, I'd have been surprised if this sort of thing hadn't occurred. Some folks just don't know when to stop. We've seen it happen on picket lines during strikes, and usually just makes things worse. This could turn into a claim of witness intimidation or tampering, and then her cause isn't served at all. That old shout that "I'll sue you!" does scare some people, those who don't know how to ask in return "For what?" Most of the time it is an utterly empty threat, and one that would do more damage to the plaintiff than to the defendant.

Doesn't all this show the tie-ins between the school districts now involved in the indictments? The web of self-serving behavior is extensive, and probably involves even more districts, and maybe city governments.

Mr. Anguiano should consider getting a restraining order against this man.

First, Jimmy Delgado is a sixth grade teacher at Ocean View Hills in San Ysidro. I'm not sure how any parent could watch this video and not be deeply concerned about having their child in his class. Delgado was escorted from the courthouse by the sheriff's deputy and then he, and the PQ gang, literally stood and waited outside the front door for Alex to leave so he could attack him again. Absolutely shocking and bizarre. Finally when the Star News turned on their camera during the verbal attack on Alex and the challenge to fight Alex right there "you're scared Alex . . . run away . . . you and me Alex right here let's go . . . you're scared Alex" Delgado actually said these things and it's on video.

There was also a Sweetwater District counselor who was trying to intimidate several teachers at the same court hearing - another supporter of PQ's. She was heard by several people making the remark "these teachers are the problem with education today and I have to deal with them at work every day". Well here's an idea, get a new job? Oh you can't because no-one would hire you after you've been transferred from multiple sites.

But this is Pearl and she has no shame, or wait it's that she doesn't think anything she's doing is wrong! Again, our poor students suffer in all this.

I witnessed the verbal attack from the counselor when the teacher mentioned that Pearl had only won the election with 35% of the votes. That was the comment that unleashed first a verbal attack and second a stare down. I commend the teacher for keeping her cool and not responding in kind.

I feel sure that this incident has been brought to the attention of the SY school district superintendent and that he will take appropriate action with regard to Delgado. Oh, but wait, isn't that Manuel Paul, who is also under indictment himself? Oh, the guy who now says he will plead the 5th Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination in an ongoing lawsuit. Well, heck, it's the same administrator, but he's not going to let this go unchallenged. Is he? IS HE? Yeah, that's what will happen.

And now Mr. Paul is on leave. Who knows if they are aware of this but if not they better hear about it soon! This guy is a loose cannon! Those within the district believe that those in the know are aware of his behavior but have not taken action.

Visduh : TOO FUNNY, too bad all of this is true!

Finally when the Star News turned on their camera during the verbal attack on Alex and the challenge to fight Alex right there "you're scared Alex . . . run away . . . you and me Alex right here let's go . . . you're scared Alex" Delgado actually said these things and it's on video.

Why can't some 6th grade teacher clown call me out like that???? :)

oneoftheteachers, If you have time I would appreciate the details on the teacher who kept her cool. Also, I'm feeling negligent. Again, if you have time, can you break down the vote, the 35%? Thank you

In the last election Pearl received 36% of the total vote, Cameron 27% and Saenz-Gonzalez 23%, so had the vote not been split it's pretty clear that Pearl would have lost. 31,090 people voted for Pearl and 56,199 voted against Pearl so the fact that she keeps bragging about how she's innocent and obviously the people believe that since they re-elected her, is rubbing people the wrong way.

justateacher, thank you for the % breakdown. It's sometimes too easy to rack it up to winners or losers.

Even though I would have liked to see all the drama, I'm glad I slipped out a side door before all the action started.

Mr. Paul is on leave????????? I find it interesting that listed on closed session board docs for Sweetwater District they (the board) list potential litigation(s) legal representation. Surely Brand and the board are not voting on legal representation for any involved in the upcoming case........

I thought that it was public knowledge that last year Sweetwater's board realized that they couldn't even have a vote on paying legal fees for the accused members of the board--and even if the accused members of the board weren't voting, the rest of the board was still unable to vote on it. So that last year they decided the best way to handle it was just to submit the invoices to be paid...I swear I read it in the U-T very recently!!

Eastlaker: the closed session of the past several board meetings, take a look. May not be anything but then again, this is the Sweetwater board and Super Brand we are talking about. I also have an issue with friends of Brand being basically hired in closed session, WHY????????

also Maty Adato has been requesting the campaign contribution limitations and term limits be placed on the agenda - SHE IS BEING IGNORED!!!!!!! The same question- WHY????????????????

Maty is being ignored because her questions and requests are very inconvenient for the board. Maty is a reasonable person, and that is just what the board fears. She can reason her way through the ridiculous conduct of Brand and his board of toadys...and they hate that.

Imagine, this board, who have always operated with a bizarre kind of impunity, and are still trying to--being asked to comply with the law as well as the correct rules of procedure!!!

I am sure Ed Brand bursts more than a few blood vessels at the very thought!

Go Maty!! Stay on the case! Sweetwater's majority board can't ignore the law forever!

Wow I feel like i am in New York City in 1950 and the Bonifilla famiglia is trying to control the city!! What is going on with South Bay education!! Jimmy two fingers should be ashamed of himself, and Pearl remember that who you associate yourself with speaks volumes about your character!!

A sixth-grade teacher behaving like a criminal and thug. Quite the role model, eh?

Anyone else waiting for Jimmy boy to jump on here and threaten to sue all of us for saying bad things about him? :)

He is a public figure, he has no legal basis to sue anyone.

I'm waiting for "Sweetwater--The Musical"--this could be a great Sharks/Jets type number for a new generation...

Too soon?

Well, maybe in a few years when all the perps are safely tucked away and Sweetwater actually becomes a functional school district, without fraud, waste, abuse, graft + the seven deadly sins and all other infractions on the part of the administration and the board and the bond writers and the contractors...maybe then we will be ready for the musical comedy version.

I'm waiting for Jon Stewart to get on this!

Justateacher: not a bad idea, just attach a few stories and email them to him. We definitely need national attention, perhaps then the folks in Sacramento at the Dept of Ed will get off their butts and begin protecting our children, something they were charged to do.

(Just have to add, I don't even know if there is anyone vacuous enough to play PQ. She sets a new bar for empty-headedness).

Truth is stranger than fictiOn. Oh that JD were a stranger or fiction. Flies do not enter the mouth that is closed. PQ, teach your people this wisdom.

Montana64: I will use your quote as a teaching tool to the youth of my family. Such wisdom!!!!!!!

Mr. Delgado needs to enroll in some sort of anger management course, program, or whatever is available to him. In the meantime, he should voluntarily restrain from attending any function or being anywhere near Mr. Anguiano for a while. This has obviously become an explosive situation. Let's hope the authorities are aware and have a plan to ensure public safety.

Joepublic: where pearl quinones goes, Delgado goes. They will all be back in court the last week of the month - IF Delgado chooses to go (which is his right) hopefully he will carry himself in a mature, professional manner. Teachers are suppose to be mentors, teachers know better, teachers teach anti bullying in school - perhaps Delgado was out with quinones waving to the voters on the 805 ramp that day and missed the meeting. Wonder where he was the day they taught "love thy neighbor" in ministry school?

The names he used, disgusting! Perhaps he has shown the world who he really is, and we should believe him.

I am new to these comments but just began attending Board meetings. Is this for real? Where the hell is somebody other than the Reader going to have the juevos to drill down into the adminstrative corrosive cultural of corruption at Sweetwater? What a pass this District's administration gets..the UT worries about cell phone bills of San Diego School Board members when there could be millions of dollars of dollars at stake. Wake up. Why is Chula Vista Elementary which is roughly in the same geographic boundary virtually invisible except for its good deeds. The buck stops a the Superintendent at least at Sweetwater..BTW Ed your are not elected. BTW Board you are his boss...unless he of course he can bring money/campaign donations to you...then Ed is the boss...that is the way it works at Sweetwater..lets make a deal...whether it be campaign donations, Sweetwater U, or questionable real estate deals. This is not what Education should be about.

WTFd; hopefully you will continue to fight for change by continuing to attend the board meetings. This community has been asleep at the wheel and it is time for each and everyone of us to band together to drive brand outta here. His only focus is what is in it for me.

In the words of an old popular song YOU GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO HOLD EM, KNOW WHEN TO FOLD THEM - brand you should have stayed gone when you walked out a few months ago. The legacy you use to talk about will read -

FAILURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See new READER story for confirmation of what a poor superintendent this guy is, a Christian based college that has been allegedly investigated for a variety of activities. Google them. No doubt Brand will host some blow out affair, plan to attend and ask the tough questions beginning with: Ever hear of separation of church and state ?

It appears from web-based info about GCU, that only some, not all, of the programs of study/majors are actually accredited.

EVERYTHING....EVERY publicly funded Southwestern College is Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and will transfer. Enrollment fees for state residents are now $46 per unit. Accreditation (or lack thereof) also affects individual eligibility for financial aid.

Do be careful out there! It seems that the Sweetwater District is not doing its students any favors by promoting an affiliation with such a sketchy institution, pesky issues with separation of church and state notwithstanding.

Exactly! The only favors that are being done are being done for Brand and his band of toadys...

I hope the students and their parents are smart enough to avoid Brand's Sweetwater U puffery and nonsense.

And I hope the general public of the Sweewater District is waking up to all the lies, graft, outright theft and nefarious activity that Brand has been encouraging. What a great educator--if you want your kids to end up in the State Pen!

Alex Anguiano and the entire union leadership of SEA need to go. Their terms are up at the end of the year. Alex and his group have caused numerous problems in the district. One was by giving HR a senority spreadsheet to give to principals to follow in hiring teachers. This protected some bad teachers in the district and screwed over others. I know this for a fact by speaking with several people in the district at certain levels who have good character and work ethic. Another reason is the ridiculous health & dental insurance that teachers have to pay out of their own pocket. All in all, over $500 of a teachers paycheck is given to this group. The third is the lack of interpersonal skills Alex and his group have shown to other members in the district as well as the community.

I am not sticking up for any board members, the superintendent, or anyone else. I measure people on how well they do their job and work with others. The SEA officers have failed at this because of the reasons mentioned above.

The SEA is necessary to protect teachers & counselors when it comes to contract issues. However, good employees don't need to depend on the union to represent them as individuals. Their bosses, who are administrators or others in another capacity can do this quite better for effective employees than the SEA can.

Alex and this entire group must leave. Bring in SEA leadership who will lower health & dental rates, who do not side with bad teachers who cause problems at their schools, which include some union reps at school sites, and who can demonstrate better interpersonal skills with other members of the district and the community.

the union negotiates a contract, and ensures due process that is all. Admin needs to follow through.

The old due process claim, what a laugh. That is a teacher union talking point and nothing more.

Fireflycobra, you may be right on that issue. And it is a real concern that 80% of the districts budget is for employee compensation (all employees of the district, from top to bottom, not just teachers). I own a business, and if 80% of my revenue was for payroll I would be out of business!! I believe this a part of the reason for the district's continual budget problems.

However, as I mentioned on another blog in The Reader, right now in my mind the imminent concern in our district are these issues with the Trustees and Superintendent. I believe their actions have really damaged the reputation of our school district. And this has an impact on students, teachers, neighborhoods, on all of us!!

As a community of residents and parents, we need to have a united voice so that the Trustees and Superintendent will hear us, and they will immediately stop their questionable practices and decisions.

As far as your stated concerns about Alex, If union membership agrees with your assessment of him and current union leadership, they should be voted out.

Alex orignially served a two-year term and ran unopposed for a second two-year term. Because SEA positions have term limits, he could not run for a third term. After Sam Lucero's first term many members urged Alex to run again, which he did and won. During the last election another member ran against him and Alex won with 71% of the votes. There will always be individuals who lambast the union leadership because of personal gripes or vendettas, but believe me Alex is respected and supported by the majority teachers in this district. Education is not a business . We are a service and because of that , we are labor intensive. Believe me, teachers work hard and earn their salaries. If I had comp time for all of the unpaid hours I've worked over the years, I could retire years earlier.

5 years ago I didn't have problems with SEA leadership either. Perhaps even less than that. Let me ask oneoftheteachers or justateacher, do you feel it's justified that the SEA takes 500-600 dollars out of your paycheck for health & dental benefits, along with union dues? The union dues are acceptable, but the benefit costs are a joke, where no other district in the county of San Diego has deductions that high. The senority spreadsheet that the SEA imposed on HR this summer protected mediocre to below average teachers, while it did not benefit others who have accomplished and done more, or are more educated as well. For example, teachers that have a Masters Degree and a teaching credential that is more in demand and harder to obtain than others. This has all happened under Alex and his teams watch.

Again, when you are a valuable and effective employee, you don't need to depend on a union to help you or a union to represent you as an individual either.

Lastly, this isn't just about Alex, but the entire leadership team and the way they conduct themselves in board meetings and other public events. I'm not saying that John McCann, for example, conducts himself well either. However, if the SEA officers had more noble character, then perhaps negotiations would be smoother with the district.

Ah, I now know who fireflycobra is :-) You testified at the pink slip hearings about how great you were and how you raised scores more than anyone else so you should not be threatened with losing your job. And yet your scores dropped significantly this year did they not? I'm sure that's not your fault though. As for benefits, no-one likes paying that much in health care but it is a trade off with our higher salaries. If you take the districts where teachers do not pay $500 a month for insurance, you will see that their salaries are drastically lower. Yes it is painful but that has absolutely nothing to do with the union, unless of course you are going to convince me that the vast majority of the membership would take a 10% pay cut in order to not have to pay for health benefits. Public and private sector costs for health insurance have increased over the past 5-10 years; check out the news once in awhile and you'll learn something. I'm sorry that for once the poor science teacher got a pink slip and was called out as being equal to everyone else. Pobrecito. If you really want to blame SEA for something, how about the small class sizes that science teachers get to enjoy. How about the fact that when you have 180 kids you are getting paid a 1/6 stipend and for me that's just called a typical day? Get over yourself. Be an agency-fee payer and quit trying to pretend that you are the majority.


I have a better idea who you are actually. You're a good teacher and have a good work ethic, but your problem is that you get involved too much in politics at numerous school sites you've been to. This has hurt you.

One of the teachers: the benefits that the employees have little to do with their union leaders and everything to do with the broker that the district is using to broker the benefits vs premiums. I would question the new benefits offered "some" of the employees. In order to qualify you must speak Spanish and have been born or reside in Mexico, however you are able to obtain medical care in the US at an emergency room. There was no premium being charged for this coverage.

One blogger seems to suggest that if there were no unions then the ee's would be able to broker a better deal, based on their performance. This person has no clue as to how benefits are brokered. Brand, fair to good employees - surely you jest. This is the guy who favors those who do his bidding, insurance companies do not give a rats behind how well you kiss Brands booty, or how good of a teacher you are, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS I.e. age, gender etc.

Perhaps before persons come here and speak they might do their homework regarding demographics - that is what drives premiums. Teachers are historically female, that demographic is considered to be high cost. Also the age of the district employee population.

I would ask how much do you think BRAND NOT HAVING TO TAKE A NORMALLY MANDATED PHYSICAL would affect the costs?

Hmmm, who is the broker Brand is using, friend perhaps? Not another scandal?????????? Our teachers deserve good benefits, they deserve good pay and they deserve to be treated with respect.

80% going towards employees, I do not believe it BUT let's just say for the sake of argument the % is correct - what % is being pilfered?

Neither Anguiano or the unions are the problem BRAND is the problem, a culture of corruption is the problem lets deal with the problem.

Insurance costs are a nation wide problem, should we blame that on the unions as well???

Are you aware that the district no longer mails out SAT test results, budget you know. Yet Brand is one of the highest paid supers there is. So,,,,,,,, what is he doing for his salary? Olympian was just added to the program improvement list - that speaks volumes.

Perhaps Brand should get out of the elementary and college education business and focus on what he is being paid to do - educate our 7 - 12th graders. Or perhaps we should fire him and find a super who can.

Yes, anniej, I think you got that right.

fireflycobra - your posts reflect your unawareness of how things in a school district work. SEA is not the entity that takes your insurance money - that's the benefits office of the district. SEA does the leg work to get its members the best rates possible. Due to our egalitarian mission statement, individual unit members have always paid the same as unit members claiming spouses and children - that's one reason your rates may seem high. We have it in our power (and it may soon show up on the bargaining table) to have free coverage for unit members, and only those claiming spouses or children will pay "extra". In addition, SEA did not "give" the district a seniority list; the district generates that document. Have you a suggestion for an alternate system that would determine who gets pink slipped? It is neither good rhetoric nor edifying for readers to listen to you complain when you offer no solutions. Here's a solution: If you dislike the way our public system works, go teach in a private school (oh wait, they don't pay as much as SUHSD, which has one of the best pay scales in SoCal due to our strong union advocacy)

I have suggestions. This is how teachers should be ranked.

1) Teachers who teach 5 or more classes each year should be favored. That would mean lower standing for any person who is DWAST, grants & communications, ext. ext. Also teachers at sites who can't stand the pressures of teaching and teach just one class at a site.

2) Strength of Credential and Education. Science and Math credentials are the most difficult to obtain, followed by English. After that, then it's special ed or history. Favor credentials that have a stronger impact on core classes. Teachers that just have supplemental credentials in these subjects with a multi-subject credential should be at lower standing.

Also reward teachers who have worked hard and have obtained their Masters Degree over those who haven't accomplished this.

3) Schools API-Favor teachers who teach core content classes who's schools have shown the most improvement in API in a 5 year period. Also favor teachers who teach at schools that have shown improvement and have a higher percentage of English Language Learners.

See criteria 1). Employees who haven't taught should be at the bottom first.

That's a solution. That's how teachers should be ranked.

ABC123, I posted my opinions and what others have told me in the district. I will admit I am not aware to everything, but just what I know. As for your last paragraph, the pay scale is irrelevant if the union takes out close to $500 a month for heath and dental insurance.

If Alex and his fellow union group enforced these ideas, and perhaps your point in your post when it comes to benefit costs, I as well as several administrators and hard working teachers, will have more respect for SEA leadership.

Also ABC, 2 principals that I am close with agree 100% with my solution below. Keep in mind both schools they are at have also seen growth in their API over the last year. They are also well respected by their staff and their community as well. I'll take their word over anyone representing SEA. Biased or not, that's my stance on the issue.

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