Roman Abramovich yacht on San Diego’s Embarcadero

Two helicopter pads, pool, spa, hot tub...

Anyone strolling along San Diego's Embarcadero might wonder who owns the super yacht docked at the B Street/Broadway Pier. The yacht, named Luna, is 377 feet long and is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It's been docked here since December, but no one knows if Abramovich is onboard, according to staff at the cruise-ship terminal visitors’ center.

The yacht is equipped with two helicopter pads, a pool, spa, medical center, hot tub, and a crew of 40. Abramovich, reported to be a billionaire 12 times over, is the main owner of Millhouse, LLC, an investment company. He also owns the Chelsea Football Club, one of England's premier football (soccer) teams.

The yacht is reputedly popular with a number of high rollers and was borrowed by Madonna back in 2010 (according to, when she was filming her movie about the Duke of Windsor (W.E.).

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Because sometimes, a rave breaks out on one of your helicopter pads. Gotta have a backup. Gotta.

In value, i.e. cost, how does this yacht compare with the $33 million floating monstrosity that belonged to the late David Copley? I'd suppose this one is twice as long and cost from three to five times as much. But how am I to know? Matt, what can you tell us?

This is the "Luna". The "Eclipse" was $1.5 billion. Neither are "worth" nowhere near what they cost, though, because anyone who can drop that kind of coin on a boat could just custom-design their own.

I didn't notice, my bad. Luna reputedly cost £115, nearly $180 million, depending on conversion rate. I disagree on worth. Something is worth whatever you are willing to pay for it.

Well, now I don't know why it wasn't on that list. Because the same site lists it at $200 million.

Maybe Ambramovich wants to buy the Chargers or Padres. That would be good news for fans. He bought Chelsea, a soccer club in England and spent a lot of money on players until they were champions of Europe.

I don't comprehend why anyone would want a huge yacht like that.

You've clearly never been saddled with billions of dollars and no idea what to do with it all :-) You want a boat, you want a small boat, but it would be nice to have one more room and bigger engines and a dining room and room for a few more friends, oh and hey a helipad would come in handy, oh and that character over there just built a huge yacht so why not out-do him... it adds up! Just like when you're buying a new car, and this option is only $595 more, and that option only adds $3.48 to the monthly payment, and the leather seats would be nice, oh and I want GPS...

Very cool. A good excuse to walk the Embarcadero!

That is the biggest yacht I have ever seen. Welcome to San Diego! Please stay and buy the padres!

on the water today and found out that it cost $100,000/day! to dock the Luna where she's located in SD Harbor

so that means my pride & joy 1600hp, 124+ mph, 36' HTM is worth what is cost to dock the Luna for just 29 hours!

Say what u want but it's what he wants. By the way I'm staying at the Malibu Inn watching this beautiful vessel. Come get me. I'm soooo depressed I ran away from home at 49.

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