Re-Planet recycling guy leaves Encinitas post

Plans to spend more time with Ritual Torture

Steve Pearce aims to ramp up his band activity.
  • Steve Pearce aims to ramp up his band activity.

A longtime fixture at the recycling center behind the Vons on El Camino Real has left his Encinitas post. After nine years of lifting large blue barrels, weighing in cans, bottles, and plastics, recycler Steve Pearce’s last day at the Re-Planet recycling center was January 13.

Well recognized by his 18-inch-long ponytail (which he’s been growing since age 13), Steve says he will miss seeing his regular customers.

“I’ve seen little kids grow into big kids,” he said.

Several customers stopped by last week to thank him for always keeping the usually long line of recyclers moving. One woman, when finding out about his departure, said, “No, he can’t leave. He’s been here forever.”

The 27-year old will still be working for Re-Planet, roving around at one of the 14 Re-Planet sites found north of Hwy. 56. He hopes the shorter commute from his North Park home will allow him to spend more time as the bassist in his band Ritual Torture.

For some background on Ritual Torture, check their band page.

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