Dear Reader:

The L.A. Reader?

Last week you forgot the remaining part of Barbarella’s column. This week you forgot the movie showtimes. I think you guys are drinking over there or something. You’re really messing things up the last few months. Do you guys proofread this before you send it out? Somebody ought to because you’re screwing shit up. You just lost another reader. I won’t be reading your magazine anymore because you guys are out of control. You don’t finish articles; you forget movie listings. You guys are sad. You should move to L.A.

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Fish Wrap

What’s become of the movie times? Now one has to go dig up the local fish wrap, otherwise known as the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Name Withheld
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No Reviews Necessary

Please continue to publish the movie guide, theaters, and showtimes. We can do without the reviews, but we do need the theater, address, phone number, and showtimes.

Helen Bourne
via voicemail

Christmas and New Year holidays fell in such a way that we could not get accurate movie times in time for publication. — Editor

Half Puzzled

Please go back to the larger crossword puzzle you used to have. For the past two weeks it has been on half of a page and is too small to read.

Ken Brennan
via email

Wasting Space on Pit Bulls

“When Pit Bulls Escape” (Neighborhood News, December 27) both saddened and sickened me. As the owner of a 15-pound Shih Tzu, my heart goes out to the owner, Nancy Linhardt. To witness your beloved pet being torn apart by three bloodthirsty, vicious pit bulls must have caused so much heartbreak that I tear up just thinking about it.

When are people going to wake up and realize that pit bulls are totally unpredictable around toddlers, babies, elderly people, and other dogs? I don’t care how sweet your pit bull looks in a photo of it laying on the carpet next to your grandbaby, the sad fact is that it is not sweet when it encounters something it considers prey. How many toddlers, elderly people, and pets have to die before legislation is passed that will limit and supervise the ownership of these vicious dogs?

I strongly believe that anyone who owns a pit bull should have to have a special license, similar to those held by people who own wild animals. In addition, they should be forced to make a deposit of at least two thousand dollars, to be held in an account with local animal control departments to cover part of the cost of the damages they will eventually cause, either in medical fees or veterinary bills. In the event of an attack, those dogs should be immediately confiscated and euthanized. And the owners should face charges, regardless of the situation.

Why were these dogs still in her possession, if this was the third attack? This horrible, lying wretch of a woman should be thrown in jail. There is no reason her dogs should still be alive. Once an offender, always an offender — especially in the case of pit bulls. And for those of you who say “It’s not the dogs, it’s the owner,” answer me this: Why are all of the shelters across the U.S. filled with mean, unadoptable pit bulls? Here is your answer: They were relinquished by their smart owners because they showed some kind of violent tendencies. Either they snapped one too many times, or bit someone. Why are we wasting space in our shelters harboring these vicious, unadoptable dogs, while there are so many sweet natured, nonviolent dogs that need homes? I say euthanize the pit bulls immediately, save the space for nice dogs. If this attack had happened in my neighborhood, I think those dogs would be swinging by a noose from a tree — as well as their owner.

Name Withheld
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I think the owner of the pit's, should be euthanizied, and that's coming from me...NANCY LINHARDT. To whomever wrote this, thank you, I lost my baby that day... T-bone was a sweetheart,and everyone in Lemon Grove knew him, he'll never be forgotten! I can't tell you my feeling's each day, when I look out my window, and see Reanna and her pit's!!! And they've been out a few more time's, NO one walk's the street after that...sad,sad,sad! nana91945

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