International Space Station to soar across San Diego skies

Resupply vessel to be nearby

International Space Station
  • International Space Station

On Friday, March 1, at 6:20 pm, the International Space Station and the Dragon unmanned resupply ship will be visible for three minutes, flying "in formation" over the San Diego skies. Both ships will be traveling at 17,500 miles per hour, 230 miles above Earth.

To see this rare fly-by, look in the southwest sky at 6:20 and watch for a larger and smaller moving light much like a star appearing approximately over Tijuana. They will both move to the south-southeast, exiting our view approximately over Yuma.  Both will be 30 degrees above the horizon, about one third of the way to “straight up.”

The International Space Station is manned by two Americans, a Canadian, and three Russians.

The preceding information is from the Human Space Flight link on the NASA website.

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The Dragon was successfully launched from Florida at 7:10 this morning. When it flies over SD tonite, it will be catching up with the ISS with 12 tons of supplies including fresh fruit for the six man ISS crew.

my mistake...12,000 pounds of supplies, not 12 tons....oops

Yeah, I think it's more like 2,300 pounds, not 12,000 pounds. And it may or may not be viewable:

not lookin' too good! and that's a real shame, we need this bad with no shuttle

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