Light Up Gold, by Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts' Light Up Gold is all sorts of what indie-rock should be heading toward in 2013 — clever lyrics, catchy song craft, infectious hooks, and an irresistible, giddy feel. It's like a stoner trapped in a 7-Eleven with a wallet full of fives. It’s the sound of slacker heaven.

Perhaps the easiest comparison is to early Pavement, but I also hear hints of early Descendents. They definitely veer into punk territory more than Pavement ever did, and that is a treat. In fact, the most pleasant surprise is how these guys can really turn it on in the speed and volume departments, but that they recognize the subtle art of setting up an album with peaks and valleys.

The one-two punch of album opener "Master of My Craft" followed by "Borrowed Time" is punk bliss. These lead into a pair of the Fall on bong-hits outings, "Donuts Only" and "Yr No Stoner." The latter containing the pristine lyrical imagery of "storm-chasing hippies in a discount mall."

The rest of the album continues to ping-pong between punk rock and slacker anthems, with "Light Up Gold II" and "Tears O Plenty" earning a gold star for robot boy in ace representation of the latter. Hopefully, Light Up Gold is the first in a series of 14-karat offerings from these guys.

  • Album: Light Up Gold
  • Artist: Parquet Courts
  • Label: What's Your Rupture
  • Songs: (1) Master of My Craft (2) Borrowed Time (3) Donuts Only (4) Yr No Stoner (5) Yonder Is Closer To The Heart (6) Careers in Combat (7) Light Up Gold I (8) Light Up Gold II (9) N Dakota (10) Stoned and Starving (11) No Ideas (12) Caster of Worthless Spells (13) Disney P.T. (14) Tears O Plenty (15) Picture of Health

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