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In Defense of Bears

I just wanted to say that I think you completely misrepresented Rich Sweeney in this cover article (“Temporary TV Fame,” February 14). Rich is a really nice guy who has done a ton for the community, including donating 100% of his restaurant’s proceeds to HIV research during Dining Out for Life.

It just seemed to me that this article was tunnel- visioned to gay stereotypes. If I was writing an article I wouldn’t refer to anybody as “big effeminate” anything without talking to them first. It makes you look kind of ignorant in a time where antibullying and social equality mean a lot to the LGBT community. Yet, the article continues to criticize Rich as speaking “with exaggerated and somewhat ladylike gesticulations that add an unexpected dimension to his well-trimmed beard and bearlike body.” Was that necessary? Would you say a straight man was speaking with an unabashed sense of manhood? I do not think so.

One more thing. Speaking as a representative for bears, we all have very well-trimmed beards, so that should not have been a surprise.

Look forward to reading more of your articles, guys.

Timmy Pickles
via email

Not So Mysterious

Somebody asked Matthew Alice about some “mysterious, windowless building” on Balboa Arms Drive, just off Mt. Abernathy Avenue (Straight from the Hip, February 14). Matthew checked, and found out it was an AT&T installation center.

I think most of those mysterious, windowless buildings are the same thing: some bank’s computer center or data center, or both. There was one like that when we lived in New Orleans, at the southwest corner of Chef Menteur Highway and Michoud Boulevard. Some people visiting from New York wanted to know what in the world that building was. That was where the Bank of Commerce had their computers and their processing center. Same thing Matthew Alice said — there’s no windows because they don’t want people trying to hack their system or get hold of their secrets. I would guess anytime you see a building like this, it’s a computer or data-processing center.

My wife says there’s another one in San Diego at 805 and Miramar Road — the northeast corner. But that’s just where the waterworks was trying to convert sewer water into drinking water and trying to get us to drink that stuff. That was when [Harry] Mathis was on the city council. I don’t know what they use it for now. Maybe they use it to water plants on the freeway.

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Classical Search

I’ve had big difficulty finding your classical listings. I finally found them on page 77 this week, far away from the rest of this week’s events.

Classical music has only two listings. There’s no listing for the organ concert in Balboa Park. There’s no listing for the public library concert downtown; there’s no listing for the La Jolla Music Society concert. What’s happened? How come we’re not getting any classical music listings? And why are they way in the back, not up front with all the other listings? I hope the Reader will continue to carry classical music listings, such that we can find them.

Ken Cowlin
via voicemail

CliffsNotes Required

Regarding your cover story of February 7, “My Life.” What, exactly, is that story about? I read it and I still don’t know.

Andy Robinson
via email

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