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  • Anchorman

Three O'clock High

Three O'clock High

Hot Rod: Despite the luke-warm reviews, I found Hot Rod to be incredibly funny and full of quotable lines. I’ve watched it with my kids numerous times. It’s just a fun movie for kids of all ages. (USA, 2007, Paramount. List price: $8.99)

Three O’Clock High: Obviously, I like funny movies. This is one of those quintessential ’80s movies that sticks with you. There are so many great scenes, especially the book report. Watch the movie, you’ll see what I mean. (USA, 1987, Universal. List price: $19.98)

— Jett Brown Musician and podcast host, 347steps.com

I once thought of Jaws as a movie about a big, mean shark with huge jaws that kept eating people. It was pretty good, but I can’t remember the name. I think the director did another movie that was pretty good, too. (USA, 1975, Universal. List price: $19.98)

Anchorman with Will Ferrell has the best DVD commentary I’ve ever heard. From the beginning, they refuse to talk about the movie at all and instead see how dirty they can get on commentary. Also, out of nowhere, Lou Rawls comes in and has no idea of what is going on but helps out anyway! Brilliant! (USA, 2004, Dreamworks. List price: $12.98)

— Doug Vannier Podcast host, 347steps.com

Down By Law

Down By Law

Down by Law: I love anything by independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, but Down by Law has amazing Super 8mm, black-and-white cinematography. I also love the simple humor of this film. (USA, 1986, Criterion. List Price: $39.95)

Wings of Desire: Another black-and-white movie with incredible cinematography — this one about an angel. Director Wim Wenders’s film has such depth and soulfulness. (West Germany, 1987, Criterion. List price: $39.95)

— Lauren Hodson Podcast host and owner, Lefty’s Pizza, leftyspizza.com

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