Chula Vista's UltraStar theater to close

Bye-bye, dollar hot dogs and bargain tickets; hello AMC

There will be less options for low-budget South Bay moviegoers in 2014 when the UltraStar Cinemas movie theater in Chula Vista shuts down early in the year.

UltraStar Chula Vista

555 Broadway, Chula Vista

"We've been purchased by AMC," said Cheryl Dodge, a manager at UltraStar, referring to the AMC Theatres chain. Dodge said the theater would be closed and completely remodeled before opening again as an AMC theater in the summer of 2014.

The Chula Vista UltraStar has been a "play it again" theater, offering discount admission to films that have left other theaters, for several years.

Dodge said that the theater, located in the Chula Vista Center shopping area, had been struggling for years. The remaking of the nearby Plaza Bonita mall in 2008 to include an AMC theater resulted in a business decline for the UltraStar.

"A long time ago, Plaza Bonita was a little spot on the road," said Dodge, but after that mall was reconstructed, "our business totally died…. I thought we were going to close then, but instead it became a 'play it again' theater."

Chula Vista Center, which includes several large chain stores, such as Sears, Macy's, and J.C. Penney, is within five miles away of Plaza Bonita at the intersection of the 805 and 54 freeways in National City.

"It's too bad, because these are hard times," said Dodge. "Here, you can bring your whole family for twenty dollars and get one-dollar hot dogs."

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Maybe the Vogue in downtown Chula Vista can open as a play it again theatre. Many of us that grew up in the South Bay have fond memories of the Vogue.

I remember seeing signs on the marquee on two different occasions. i gues the deal fell through.

There will be less options for low-budget South Bay moviegoers in 2014 ...? Vincent, shouldn't that be: There will be fewer options ...?

Hey people, corporations run our lives. Just when we think we can do something about it, our state or federal officials(whom we voted in office) will approve what we don't want and what the lobbyists paid hard cash for. Believe the lies? Keep voting the way you have been. However, if you see the bullshit for what it is, vote for someone who will keep your interests in mind. Be a proactive and aware voter!

So FatCat, name one, and I'll vote for him or her. Just one . . . . Can anyone name one politician that represents the public and not the lobbyists' money?

At least its not going to be a Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, that took over the two Ultra-stars in Del Mar & Carlsbad. Who pays $20 to see a movie? One can handle an AMC, they have discounted matinees. But I do miss the cheaper 2nd run theaters too. Are there any left now? The 2nd run biz has almost disappeared due to quicker release time of 1st runs on Netflix, Redbox, or TV, meaning more $ and quicker return on the studio's investment. Scott Mark, the Reader's theater guru, could weigh in on this better than I.

Umm, I do. And I pay whatever the going rate for food and beer and drinks is, too. I got tired of regular theaters a long time ago, and stopped going. Noisy, crowded, and uncomfortable. You should try Cinepolis… it's nice to stretch out like you're in your own living room, or to press a button and summon someone to bring you a beer without having to get up.

Traditional theaters are slowly dying. "Luxury" theaters are where we're going.

Only a couple of years ago, I heard somewhere that Netflix was in the red. so what happened?

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