Dumanis campaign guru arranging TV spots for Faulconer

Jennifer Tierney heads independent committee for GOP mayoral candidate

Kevin Faulconer, Jennifer Tierney
  • Kevin Faulconer, Jennifer Tierney

Led by a familiar face in county politics, a campaign fund backing Republican city councilman Kevin Faulconer for mayor is arranging to purchase TV commercials ahead of this coming February's special election in which Faulconer is to face off against Democratic city councilman David Alvarez.

Calling itself San Diegans to Protect Jobs and the Economy, the committee's principal officer is listed as Jennifer Tierney, longtime political guru for an array of local politicos, including superior court judges and GOP district attorney Bonnie Dumanis, who lost her own bid for mayor in 2012 and is raising money for a reelection try next year.

Primary donors to the Tierney advised pro-Faulconer fund included $50,000 from the Building Industry Association and $60,000 from the San Diego Restaurant and Beverage political action committee.

Both groups oppose labor unions, which have so far spent well over seven figures backing Alvarez. According a December 20 disclosure posted online by the Federal Communications Commission, the pro-Faulconer political committee intends to buy commercial time on ABC affiliate KGTV.

Campaign consultant Tierney has long worked for members of the Republican-leaning judicial and law-enforcement establishment here, including Faulconer and his city-council campaign.

As previously reported, in addition to running the Dumanis political account, she was retained by judge Timothy Taylor — a lawyer for two decades with the giant downtown law firm Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, named to the bench by GOP governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — to circulate his nominating petition for election in 2012.

Signatures Tierney gathered for Taylor included those of city councilman Todd Gloria and one of his key backers, Robert Gleason, chief financial officer of Evans Hotels, along with Gleason's spouse, Marc Matys.

Both Gloria and Gleason were supporters of Republican kingpin Terry Brown and his fellow hotel moguls in a legal battle to force then-mayor Bob Filner to sign a lucrative hotel promotion funding agreement negotiated by his predecessor, Republican Jerry Sanders.

The case wound up before Taylor, who issued a statement from the bench after his arrangement with Tierney was first reported here earlier this year.

Based on his March 7 minute order, which he addressed to the parties in the case, Taylor had not previously acknowledged any of the arrangements in question, or previously disclosed the fact that several parties with an interest in the hotel case had signed his nominating petition.

According to Taylor's statement, "Ms. Tierney collected all the signatures. The goal in collecting signatures in this 'blind' fashion was to avoid disqualifying situations."

Taylor later issued a ruling favorable to Filner.

Tierney, who has worked closely with John Kern, a former San Diego Union reporter and onetime aide to GOP ex-mayor Dick Murphy, has also served as campaign guru for Democrat Gloria, currently acting as interim mayor.

In addition to Tierney’s efforts, according to documents posted online by the Federal Communications Commission, Faulconer's own campaign committee has agreed to purchase a net total of $44,994 of time on CBS affiliate KFMB, with the first thirty second spot to air on NFL Today January 6.

The costliest single placement, 30 seconds of time adjacent to the January 26 Grammy awards, will set the committee back $12,500.

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The machinery of the Republican Party -- and hangers-on like campaign consultant Jennifer Tierney who live off proceeds from elections -- is gearing up for a New Year blowout of television spending to influence beleaguered naive San Diego voters to elect a nice-enough white-bread Establishment candidate as mayor.

This is such an important election for us: people will not be fooled by the customary limitless spending and they will vote for the best man, David Alvarez, who was born and raised here, educated here and, after getting elected to City Council in a tough race against an "insider," where he truly delivered for his constituents. Alvarez has roots here, City experience and personal integrity. He will deliver for us all -- not just the few -- as Mayor of San Diego.

And there's precedent for a change in pattern. Voters in Boston elected a working-class experienced legislator Martin Walsh over a lace-curtain Harvard grad candidate for their mayor. Voters did it in New York City when they elected Mayor Bill De Blasio with his multi-racial family and common touch. San Diego voters are ready for Mayor David Alvarez.

Wow. So Alvarez' positives are that he was born here, raised here, educated here, and that he isn't white. Golly gee, he's got my vote!

On second thought, maybe it would be a good idea to try something other than what Bob Filner supporters think might be best for San Diego? Maybe we should try jobs and economic growth instead of unions and scandal? Naaahhh, that's crazy talk...

Did this jerk really use a racist slur against Mr Faulconer!!! Really! So he thinks the mayors race should have comments like a nice enough white bread Candidate...really!.. Anyone who voted for filthner and his screwed up plans for this city should understand that the behavior Filner had was not the only issue. It is the pro union, anti-taxpayer policies of the so called progressive liberals like Alvarez that have and will continue to drown our city in debt and wil make sure we have no citizen services for the very communities Alvarez and his union minions want to take from. So now we should let this post go and not comment that maybe the poster does not remember that the white bread GOP was the party who pushed through without any swaying by anyone the 13th amendment freeing the slaves. So maybe being a white person is not so bad huh!!! So lets start that one going around now!!

Monaghan's post is ridiculous. 33-year-old Alvarez wouldn't even be in the run-off without a million dollars worth of union support. If anyone wants the city run by unionized city employees, then vote for Alvarez. if they want real governance by people who know what they are doing, vote for Faulconer.

"Governance by people who know what they are doing...?" That would be Mayor David Alvarez. "A million dollars worth of union support...? The GOP and its vested interests will see to it that that figure is eclipsed soon enough. GOP spending is the subject of this story, in case you didn't notice.

By now San Diegans are ready for real change in this City and a fair deal for the residents. You denigrate someone who is intelligent, local, hard-working, Latino and possesses personal integrity? In this great country, that's your right. I happen to believe we would be better off with someone who personifies that description. And that would be Mayor David Alvarez.

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