San Diego Chargers place Philip Rivers on indefinite hiatus following political endorsement

Philip Rivers
  • Philip Rivers

Former United States Senator Rick Santorum's 2012 presidential campaign ended a long time ago. But because the Internet is forever, the effects of that campaign are still being felt today — and in a very big way. Today the San Diego Chargers placed their long-time quarterback Philip Rivers on indefinite hiatus, because of a statement he made endorsing Rick Santorum for President. The statement, which is still up on Santorum's website, reads, "I am supporting Rick Santorum for President because of his stance on issues that attack vital Christian values our country was founded upon: no abortion, upholding traditional marriage, defending religious freedom, no euthanasia." Santorum famously opposes gay, "non-traditional" marriage.

In their statement, the Chargers front office stated, "We are extremely disappointed to have read Philip Rivers' comments on RickSantorum.com, which are based on his own personal beliefs and not reflected in the offensive strategy of the San Diego Chargers. His personal views in no way reflect those of the National Football League, which works hard to champion the rights of the LGBT community. Remember that one time the League had the Thursday Night Football announcers wear purple on Spirit Day? Plus, 'no abortion'? That's just crazy talk."

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.

Responding to the news, GLAAD activist Mike McManus said, "We are extremely pleased with the Chargers' decision. But I have to be honest with you: we weren't even gunning for this Rivers guy. One of our interns was collecting media responses to Phil Robertson," the Duck Dynasty reality show star who was just suspended by A+E for anti-homosexual comments he made to GQ magazine. Catching Phil Rivers in our Google net was just dumb luck."

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"Remember that one time" is the funniest line in the whole piece. Thanks for providing a little lightness in a story that has me seeing rainbow red. To all the supposedly inclusive, tolerant believers who now want hate and discriminate against Mr. Phil, read the full GQ article - he's says he loves everybody. And he's got millions of bucks to prove it .

One could only wish it were true...Rivers has a Pelican Mouth and a Canary Butthole on the field. For years now, our super talented receivers have paid the price for Rivers Trash talk.

Again, Mencken has admirably ignored the "Please do Not Feed the Animals" signs. Most of the responses suggest that satire has unofficially retired.

Does this explain why the far-right Lynch mob at the U-T loves the Chargers so much? Ha ha ha.

Wow...seems like some folks would take at face value all they'd read on sites like theonion.com. Scary thought smdh

I was so pleased to see Rivers' ghost out there whipping ass on the Raiders today. The real Rivers would have done the same.

I dont see why its a problem for people to have their own opinions.

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