Florida jury awards $1 billion to Lennar

But it doesn't expect to get the money from developer Nicolas Marsch

Giant homebuilder Lennar Corp. was awarded $1 billion yesterday (Dec. 3) by a Florida jury as compensation for defamation and conspiracy to extort money from the company. Expected to pay the $1 billion are developer Nicolas Marsch III and his company, Briarwood Capital. Lennar says it doesn't expect to see the money.

This is the case that got the Rev. Barry Minkow sent back to prison for a second time in 2011. Minkow, an infamous Los Angeles crook in his youth, got sprung early after he found religion. He became a preacher in San Diego but ran a scam-sleuthing operation on the side. He stepped over the line when trying to help Marsch in his battle with Lennar. Minkow wound up defrocked and back in the slammer.

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Marsch's wife is president of Las Patronas. If Marsch and his wife are forced to give up their beachfront estate in La Jolla and move to Clairemont because of the judgment, I fear the wife will be expelled from Las Patronas. I doubt the Pimplemouse Restaurant will give Marsch a good table after the bad publicity. Minkow's the only guy who came out ahead on this deal. He gets three hots and a cot free each day from Uncle Sam and has access to a gym and athletic facilities at no cost.


I read the link. If that's the sort of journalism that is typical of the La Jolla Light, I'd say it should just ride off into the Pacific sunset. What a pack of utter claptrap! The woman has no shame, and neither does the paper. Oh, I'm sure you intentionally misspelled the name of the fancy restaurant. Very amusing.

Burwell: Confirmed then. Best, Don Bauder

Visduh: I am sure the misspelling was intentional. Best, Don Bauder

Burwell: If you have problems with the La Jolla Light now, think what it will be under Papa Doug Manchester, who doesn't believe that anything negative about business or the military should appear in his papers. (Actually, I have seen some good work in the La Jolla Light, and wonder if it will continue.)

Minkow: He has another advantage in custody. Last I heard, he was in a substance abuse facility. Best, Don Bauder

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