San Diego County lawyers run afoul of California Bar

Oh, the turpitude

Dean Gregory Chandler of Oceanside has been disbarred by the State Bar of California. Chandler failed to respond to a notice of disciplinary charges against him. According to the Bar, Chandler committed 234 counts of misconduct in home-loan modification matters. He committed moral turpitude by defrauding homeowners in 118 matters and was charged with 116 counts of collecting illegal fees.

John Edward Engel of Carlsbad was placed on interim suspension following a conviction for grand theft. The Bar involuntarily enrolled Geoffrey Carl Morrison as inactive. He represented a client who was being sued but performed no work for the fee he received.

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and yet the same bar let Pinnock run his extortion racket for many years.

Murphyjunk: Many criticize the state bar's inconsistency. Best, Don Bauder

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