Strip club raided in Lemon Grove

Business accused of facilitating drug sales, prostitution

Sheriff's deputies last night (August 22) conducted a raid at Little Darlings Gentlemen's Club on Broadway in Lemon Grove, which resulted in the arrest of three employees.

Local residents have long complained of prostitution, illegal drug use and sales occurring on the property. Over an eight-month period, detectives from the Narcotics Task Force conducted twelve undercover operations. On eight of those occasions, dancers or other club employees sold narcotics to the undercover agents, who also "witnessed or were solicited for lewd and lascivious acts for money." Detectives were also sold alcohol during their visits, despite the club not being licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

Last night a search warrant and four arrest warrants were served at the club shortly before 11 p.m. During a search, deputies seized an undisclosed amount of narcotics, some of which were packaged for sale. One employee was arrested for drug possession, another for possession with intent to sell, and a third on an outstanding warrant.

The investigation is still underway, and the Sheriff's Department says more arrests are likely forthcoming.

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I have two good friends in prison due to being setup by lowlifes involved in the San Diego strip club business - that stuff is still happening, as evidenced by these arrests at Little Darlings. I'm the LAST guy to paint ALL strip clubs with a tar brush, having run one of the most well-known and longest-lived nudie joints in the city during the mid-80s, Jolar, and having shared my home, life, and bed with something like a dozen "strippers" at various times over the past 15 years. But, that said, most of the slimeballs at the top of the skin game in SDiego today are as toxic and dangerous as gargling cyanide, and anyone wanting to lead a straight and safe life has virtually no chance of doing so in most of the snake pits currently masquerading as "gentlemen clubs" in San Diego -

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