Papa Doug Manchester picks Siberian bride-to-be

In one of her online profiles, Jenya says she prefers older men.
  • In one of her online profiles, Jenya says she prefers older men.

Russia has an immediate problem: its rapidly chilling relationship with the United States. Long term, though, Russia has a corrosive problem: too many women and too few men. There are only 85 males for every 100 females, according to demographic reports; men live to be 64 on average, while women make it to almost 76 — a huge age gap, by world standards.

Several factors contribute to this problem: the millions of men killed in battle in the early part of the 20th Century, the thousands killed later in Afghanistan, and the rampant drug and alcohol abuse, along with excessive smoking, of today’s male society.

Evegeniya, alias Geniya, alias Jenya Derzhevina, Doug Manchester’s Russian girlfiend, has appeared on a few meet-Russian-women websites.

Evegeniya, alias Geniya, alias Jenya Derzhevina, Doug Manchester’s Russian girlfiend, has appeared on a few meet-Russian-women websites.

Last year, the Daily Beast quoted a beautiful Russian woman complaining of the men in her country: “They smoke too much and drink too much. They cheat shamelessly…they are often violent and feel threatened by independent, high-earning women.” In Moscow alone, there are three times as many single women between 25 and 50 as there are single men.

“Russian women simply have no interest in marrying Russian men,” Irina Zhuravleva, head of Russia’s census department, told the Daily Beast.

As a result, marriage agencies are proliferating throughout Russia and the countries that make up the former Soviet Union. says, “Literally, every marriage agency out there and almost every lady is a scam.”

A website named notes, “There are a number of truly unethical marriage agencies which systematically scam both American men and Russian women.… At the root of all scams is some type of bait and switch operation.”

 The site features Jenya’s journey from Siberia to San Diego.

The site features Jenya’s journey from Siberia to San Diego., from which I could not get a comment, celebrates Russian women, interviewing them and featuring them on its website. One interview is with Geniya Derzhavina, who left Siberia to go to San Diego. She is known by different first names: Evgeniya, Evegeniya, and Jenya. But records — including photographs of her — reveal she is the same woman. was so impressed with her relocation to San Diego that it featured photos of her wearing Siberian garb in the Mediterranean climate, titled “Jenya’s Journey — from Siberia to San Diego.”

As revealed in the Reader August 6, she and Papa Doug Manchester — multimillionaire, hotelier, real estate developer, and owner of U-T San Diego — plan to be married. Manchester and his first wife have a divorce case on file, but local websites such as and the U-T have not held back in publishing photos of the new duo.

I was able to get Derzhavina’s telephone number from the bankruptcy file of her onetime husband, Brantley Vigil. She confirmed that she and Manchester “are planning to get married,” but once I asked her about the interview and her former husband, she began making legal threats and then quickly ended the conversation by saying, “I am not talking to you anymore.”

Though Manchester’s divorce isn’t yet final, the U-T has published photos of him with his new fiancée.

Though Manchester’s divorce isn’t yet final, the U-T has published photos of him with his new fiancée.

The divorce records in North County Superior Court show that she filed as a self-represented litigant on August 13, 2009. At that time, she was living in Escondido and he in Vista. He agreed to pay her $3000 per month until January 1, 2012. They had been married four years and four months and separated on June 1, 2009. She was awarded a 2009 Honda Civic valued at $25,397, and he agreed to pay debts of $499,000, holding her harmless on these obligations.

On May 14 of 2010, Vigil, a longtime salesman, filed for Chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy with $38,859.61 of assets and $787,000.53 of liabilities. He had earlier surrendered a Porsche worth almost $25,000 to a lender and had a $30,000 student-loan obligation. (He has a son in his 20s.)

Vigil filed for divorce from another woman in 2003. Derzhavina’s name was on the deed of the Vista house they shared until they separated.

He listed his employer on the bankruptcy filing as Anaheim’s Progressive Integrated Solutions. He is no longer there and apparently did not leave under any cloud, according to sources within the company. Vigil’s bankruptcy attorney, Joseph Marcarelli II, would not give me Vigil’s whereabouts and refused to contact him to ask if he would call me. I tried locations in San Diego, Orange County, and Arizona and couldn’t locate him.

In her second interview with, in which she went by the first name Jenya, she said that she prefers more mature men — those 5 years to a maximum of 20 years older than she is. Manchester, who has passed his 70th birthday, does not fit within that range. According to a social site she signed up for, she was born on August 24, 1975. Thus, Manchester is more than 30 years her senior. Actually, she really prefers a man 10 years older, she said in that interview, but that took place before she met Papa Doug — reportedly at the Del Mar races last year. (Her upper limit of a man 20 years older, and preference for one 10 years older, may be one reason why, when I mentioned that interview, she began to bristle, later getting more indignant when I brought up her divorce.)

Mature men “know how to treat women,” she said in the russianwomentruth interview. Older men have the ability to make decisions — must not be indecisive to suit her, she said. Older men know how to appreciate women, she averred.

In the 2005–2006 period, she signed up for a Russian social site named “My World” (Moi Mir). There, she used the name Jenya Vigil. She was photographed wearing sunglasses. The section, “What’s New with our member Jenya Vigil” was last updated two years ago. The person who translated the site from Russian says it “is well below Facebook standards.” Names are garbled, for example. Of course, a social site from seven years ago is not likely to be up to current standards.

Of the three individuals shown on that site as Derzhavina’s friends, one is a cat. One of the photos on that site appears to have been taken in Washington, D.C., says my translator. It looks like that to me, too.

The marriage of Geniya Derzhavina and Papa Doug Manchester is probably a long way off, and complications may crop up, such as in a possible prenuptial agreement. Even if the marriage does not occur, Derzhavina has indeed come a long way from Siberia.

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Russian mail order bride lives in condo complex. Newly wed husband comes home and asks whether she learned any new English words.

"Yes," she replied, "half!"

Papa has a pre-nuptial agreement, no doubt.

He and Filner both wanted much younger brides....

When you fast-forward these December-May unions you have an Anna-Nicole Smith situation. Huge Hefner believes his brides enjoy changing diapers.

Diogenes: Older men who marry women half (or less than half) their age are displaying their own frailties. Best, Don Bauder

I thought Hef enjoyed carrying his brides' schoolbooks!

David Batterson: I had a chance to interview Hefner back in the 1960s when I was with Business Week in Chicago.

I had no reason to do so, but friends of mine had an apartment on the Near North next to an apartment on the roof of which the Playmates sunbathed. They bragged about it then but wouldn't dare to do so today. Best, Don Bauder

OMG left his wonderful wife? What kind of monster is this boy? He certainly is whacked out with "I am the King" syndrome. He is buying people right and left like commodities, is he even from San Diego? Is he a Boston import like Palamentary that comes here to our awesome little city and destroys it for their own profit? Perhaps this will be on the front page of the Union Tribune, with a link to donations for his honeymoon. I'm gonna be sick...

Clever lawyers can bust pre-nuptial agreements.

Diogenes: Clever lawyers need slippery judges. Best, Don Bauder

A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge.

Diogenes: Truer words were never spoken. Best, Don Bauder

An even greater lawyer knows the President, since the prez can issue a pardon.

David Batterson: As of last night, an Obama spokesperson said the president has not weighed in on a possible Filner resignation. The Democratic National Committee is being pressured to jump in with a resignation recommendation.

There seems to be something else going on here. Does Filner know something and is threatening to blow it open? Best, Don Bauder

I think your imagination is running away with you. Not everything is a conspiracy.

David Batterson: If the DNC or RNC or president suggested that every politician who made purported sexual indiscretions resign, there would be nobody left in Washington DC or in most state and local governments.

Put this into context, dwb. Best, Don Bauder

Don: Wouldn't it be more likely to be a combination of donor muscle, rank cowardice, and panic? If, as everyone seems to agree, tomorrow our mayor will resign, then is the object of this far-reaching intimidation not achieved? Certainly the Pres is not running for reelection, but perhaps those running the railroading are high on the thrill of pushing all Dems into humiliating themselves. Three cheers for the six on the Central Committee who were not swindled. Back to business. No homes for the homeless.

Yankeedoodle: Yeah, but Republicans Vitter and Sanford could get bumped, too. However, in both those cases, voters ignored the sex scandals. Ah, the Bible Belt. Best, Don Bauder

strata66: This is one story that the U-T will not pick up. Best, Don Bauder

strata66: If you make a donation for their honeymoon, you ARE sick. Best, Don Bauder

His name is Pallamary (not "Palamentary").

In the photo, Manchester in that ridiculous getup looks like the restaurant's maitre d' (not the owner). What a buffoon.

David Batterson: In Mozart's great opera "Don Giovanni," the don has killed the Commendatore. Much later in the opera, the don and his sidekick (really, almost a slave), Leporello, are walking in the cemetery.

Leporello thinks he sees the Commendatore's statue moving. The don scoffs at him as a "vecchio buffonissimo," or colossal old buffoon. But the Commendatore's statue indeed comes to life and dispatches Don Giovanni to hell. Best, Don Bauder

By the way: eccellente articolo di giornale. Bravissimo!

David Batterson: Are you going soft? Best, Don Bauder

Nope. Just giving credit where credit is due! When you report stuff like this, you shine!

Somewhere, a lawn is missing its jockey.

Duhbya: Lawns look much better with a pink flamingo. Best, Don Bauder

It sure beats brown dog poop, like here on our apt. building lawn!

David Batterson: Maybe the flamingo is intended to scare off dogs, rather like scarecrows. Best, Don Bauder

Well, that flamingo's likely to get plucked.

Duhbya: Somebody's gonna get plucked. Best, Don Bauder

I think you are very funny, whether you're old or not.

monaghan: But I keep dusting off old jokes. Best, Don Bauder

Don is so old that he beta-tested dirt! [It had a lot of bugs in it, so it had to be reprogrammed.] ;-)

She must REALLY like Dougie, since he is 30 years her senior. Oh, and in her divorce settlement, she got a 2009 Honda Civic valued at $25397. Must have a been a few add-ons to that car, as new Civics aren't even that expensive today, except for a natural gas model.

aardvark: I don't know anything about that car, but that valuation is correct. Best, Don Bauder

Manchester probably has natural gas, too!

With the economic downturn, it is entirely predictable that more women will look for financial security when choosing a mate. Women know that they cannot support themselves with a part-time job without benefits. This helps unattractive older men find women who need the dough.

The effect on the labor pool is similar, not to imply that marriages are financial arraignments in all cases. Yet, we all know that sex is (or can be) a commodity.

There is a huge over-supply of women in Russia and in Eastern Europe. In Germany, there is more prostitution in recent years.

It's all "free market" supply and demand at work. Those who worship the free market need to examine the dark side. The war on drugs just drives prices up through scarcity.

We now have a fusion of state and corporate interests. But market principles apply to drugs and sex whether or not we have a totally free market.

The best thing for women's rights is to give them birth control, access to good jobs along with education.

I love Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.

Americans have lost their manufacturing base that once provided a middle class. NAFTA undermined our social contract. The US probably never deserved to be so far ahead of other countries. That advantage has been sold out by City of London and Wall Street and their puppet politicians. They are loyal to their class interests, not any country.

Diogenes: It was World War II that put us ahead of other countries economically. We have ruled the roost in the decades since, but our base is eroding -- no question about that.

Germany and Japan made magnificent recoveries from WWII. Now China is coming along rapidly. And many other countries, too. Yes, we destroyed our own middle class -- greatly by shipping our manufacturing overseas to enhance short term earnings.

We have been undone by our own greed. Best, Don Bauder

We "won" the war and subsequently sold the economic advantages to the multinational elites.

Busting unions was step number one. Making sure that workers did not get universal, single-payer health insurance was step number two. Eliminating social security and MediCare was step number four. Eliminating anti-trust laws was step number five. Eliminating Glass-Steagall protection from merging commercial banks and investment banks and insurance companies was number six.

I knew rich folks who told me of their plans back in the early sixties. I have carried a union card and have worked in factories and elsewhere. By the late 70's the free trade agenda was surfacing, with union-busting, and deregulation. The future for the Democratic party coffers was Wall Street contributions, not so much unions.

Demand is down for consumer products now that folks cannot use pumped up equity in their homes for credit to spend on consumer goods. But, hey, there are other markets where people do have money.

Class warfare was directed at middle class people but the wedge issues kept them voting for Republicans. Later, we had the Clintons. Where is Walmart from? Did the Rose Law firm actually pay Hillary Clinton to bust unions? Why did Bill Clinton sign off on deregulation and NAFTA?

So much for our middle class and jobs. Hint: jobs are never coming back to America. But do not tell the foolish Democrats who believe that they are being "socially" liberal. They tolerated a president or two who would triangulate with Republicans. We settled for the lessor of two evils and got more evil.

With the closing of the gold window, currencies floated in 1971-73. That required so-called "hedging" which was another form of investment and speculation. We know these complex financial instruments as 'derivative contracts." The repurchase market froze when mark to market Bassel rules were changed at the BIS to mark to market. The bankers knew that these instruments would default and no due diligence had been performed. Liar's loans used stated income. The predatory lending of the bankers has gone unpunished by Bush and Obama.

Warren Buffet understood all this. It's like looking into a hot dog to see what garbage they put in.

The banks were able to take their bad loans off their balance sheets and wrap up and sell mortgage backed securities, which were rated as being Triple A by credit rating agencies that were paid on contingency - once all securities were sold, that they were rated triple A, despite their knowing that they were based on liar's loans. Wall Street stopped making referrals for control frauds to the FBI and a telephone call from Justice told the agency to lay off back in 2004 when Bush 43 was in office. They needed to go prosecute terroristas, not financial terroristas on Wall Street! Think Eliot Spitzer and why he faced a sex scandal - just like the little morality play with Filner.

Diogenes: Excellent observations. The credit rating agencies (S&P, Moody's, Fitch, etc.) get paid by the institutions they re rating. And then government blesses those ratings. Nice little daisy chain.

Eliot Spitzer was being tailed by Wall Street and should have known it. Buffett says derivatives are weapons of mass destruction but he buys them for Berkshire Hathaway. Best, Don Bauder

Diogenes: The Koch brothers, Manchester, the Tea Partiers and others are still trying to bust unions. But most big unions, other than government worker unions, are very weak because of the job export to low- and slave-wage nations.

Yes, they broke down Glass Steagall, and what happened? 2008. Wall Street was deregulated. What happened? 2008.

Middle class incomes have stagnated for decades while the upper 10% and particularly upper 1% have enjoyed burgeoning income. We have become a plutonomy. It will be our undoing. Best, Don Bauder

Yes! "NAFTA undermined our social contract." There was a story in the NYT last week about a denim work clothes' manufacturer in a small Alabama town whose operation has been discovered by boutique-y designers who want made-in-America product. The owner mentioned that before NAFTA's ravages, there were about 200+ employees on the payroll and today there are less than 30 people working at his plant.

Oh, and let's get behind Hillary Clinton for President -- Irwin Jacobs and spouse have just given Hil's PAC an early $50,000, according to Matt Potter today. And let's press for more of Lawrence Summers who got rid of Glass-Steagall in Bill Clinton's administration and is now a candidate for appointment to Fed chairman by President Obama. All pornography of a different sort from what Ms. Jenya is selling.

Mrs. Zimmerman: I have to agree with you. I'd love to see a woman as President, but not Hillary. I don't trust her, or Bill's chum Summers.

monaghan: Summers is a pompous ass with a history of being wrong. Yellen is the only credible candidate to head the Fed. Best, Don Bauder

monaghan; There was plenty of warning about the consequences of NAFTA. Best, Don Bauder

Don and Diogenes - personal story - My late husband's company went into chapter 11 bankruptcy after 15 years. He was the CIO and Co-Founder of SicommNet Inc. but after the 2008 BS it was crashing too. I have 400,000 shares in stock certificates of what is soon to be determined completely worthless as court proceeds to pay off a lot of priority debts.The company is still operating after they moved from 5th and Palm downtown to Nevada, but I guess barely, as one of the Trustee's lawyers was trying to break the news to me gently - but for me it's a ton of bricks. Married 20 years, we went though the whole thing together from the beginning. For the new couple, hope they have some fun, for a few years. Neither will stay when it gets tough.

Sorry to hear that. You may contact me through the Reader email and leave your telepone number or email. Don't know if I may be of service but it might help. There are strict time limits so do not delay.

shirleyberan: That is a very sad story, and, unfortunately, is happening all around the U.S. Best, Don Bauder

I'm on her side, if she's doing it for the money, she will earn it. And if you could buy love, it would be worth any price.

You're on her side; but with his pile of money, he's on top! Whatever money she's getting, though, is definitely not enough. What a putz.

David Batterson: I have not said that she is in this for money. Best, Don Bauder

No, but why else would any woman marry that toad? If he worked as a part-timer at Walmart, would she?

David Batterson: If he worked part-time at Wal-Mart, he couldn't afford going to the races, where they met. Best, Don Bauder

Psycholizard: If you are talking about Derzhavina, I have no idea whether she is in this for the money. Best, Don Bauder

Dunno also, I'm not judging her if she is, and not judging him either. I hope they have wonderful years and years of honeymoon far away from here. And may she make him very happy. A down to earth woman who has known hardship is a good choice for any man, especially a wealthy one, they can put them in touch with the rest of humanity.

Psycholizard: Yes, it would be nice for San Diego if they had "years of a honeymoon far away from here." Best, Don Bauder


Everyone knows hardship, eventually. That is the lot of humanity.

Yankeedoodle: Yes, but think of all of those who are born on third base and think they hit a triple. Best, Don Bauder

She'll have to be on top and doing all the work.

shirleyberan: You mean scrubbing the floors? Best, Don Bauder

Don, are there some unreported psychological similarities that Filner may have in common with Manchester that haven't been reported yet? Sounds like they both have a dysfunctional prefrontal cortex when it comes to dealing with women.

Many men are left wondering whether it was worth it. At midlife, there is a rewiring of the prefrontal context, but when you are older, some of those wires may go haywire. For men at 65 or 70, it is the hope of impressing your friends with a trophe wife and the hope that you can save a flagging libido. Hubris, too, especially if you are rich snd powerful. It usually ends badly for the old dude. But every once in a while, there is a spark that's when to be careful and think it through in regards to family and career. There is no free lunch,

Diogenes: Manchester is past 70 and long past a midlife crisis. Unfortunately, many of the answers about him are sealed in his first wife's divorce filing. Best, Don Bauder

Anon92107: On this blog, some people, myself included, have wondered whether Filner has a mental/physical problem that requires neurological testing. The same has not been suggested for Manchester. Best, Don Bauder

Don there should be no doubt about Manchester's need for mental evaluation considering what you just reported, the his Barbie Doll U-T TV, his deranged rant U-T Editorial policy that uses the entire paper for editorializing, his Playboy pool parties etc.

Actually, considering Manchester's marriage and female "associations" history that you have begun documenting, he has obviously always had the PFC of a teenager and there has to be much more to be reported about Manchester, much more than about Filner.

This is what Manchester should be doing for a living!

David Batterson: Only if he gets generous tips. Best, Don Bauder

Anon92107: The U-T editorials are puerile and ill-researched. The Manchester/Lynch ideology permeates the news pages. But that isn't a reason for a neurological exam. Best, Don Bauder

Don, interesting that you would champion Manchester's mental stability considering his ceaselessly vociferous and intransigent deranged rant attacks against Filner.

Anon92107: I did not mean to champion Manchester's stability. I just said that the puerile editorials and the slanting of news are not sufficient reasons to give a person a neurological exam. Best, Don Bauder

Don - Is that what the old guys call it now?

shirleyberan: Call what? Don't understand. Best, Don Bauder

Derzhenia, can you come over and scrub my floors?

shirleyberan: She doesn't have to stoop so low. Best, Don Bauder

Poor woman - she has a little girl speech pattern/affect that is a tell for an under- developed- person, and needy of the sugar daddy she's been hoping for since she was a girl. Like to say they are consenting adults but I don't think she's aware of what these money guys are like in this country.

shirleyberan: They are probably better than the guys in Russia. Best, Don Bauder

The Heff's and I'm hearing Mr. Manchester has a bit of a kinky manipulative way about him. Why are they so upset at BadBoyBob?

shirleyberan: I know nothing about kinky ways. Best, Don Bauder

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

shirleyberan: Monitor: I think this post should be removed. Best, Don Bauder

So Papa Doug is flirting with bigamy. Classy. Of course he's in good company idiologically and at home with his buddies Arnie, Newt and Rush. #familyvalues

Jeff_O: Papa Doug has good lawyers. He won't remarry until the first marriage is officially over.

Since he and Betsy are separated, I can't arch my eyebrows over the fact that he is dating. Best, Don Bauder

After he reads your article, he might change his mind about marrying her.

David Batterson: Possible, but I don't know why he would. Best, Don Bauder

Because it makes her look like a golddigger.

David Batterson: It was not intended to make her look like a gold digger. Best, Don Bauder

Well, I didn't say it was your intent. But that's the first thing I thought about her.

Diogenes - Thank you for that kindness -have been to bankruptcy court once already. Judge said to wait because I have already filed form to collect (what ever it's called) Can't think anymore, not drinking, but the subjects are blurred on this story. I will figure out how to email u by the time I get more documentation. So far lawyers are getting paid and major creditors. I am considered one of the many unsecured, so when they run out of money to pay those guys, they will take my stock. Pretty sure there's no fighting it.

shirleyberan: You may find yourself at the end of a long line. Best and good luck, Don Bauder

Geniya may well be the next Helen Copley. After Papa Doug's passing she may have to straighten out his tangled finances.

Burwell: He pays some people very well to keep his finances straight. Beste, Don Bauder

No time - Manchester finances are already willed to others- bettya - she's ignorant/ not educated - he gets her for free - like Anna Nicole.

shirleyberan: Betsy should be well taken care of. Best, Don Bauder

In my case, married 20 years and he made no will (which I would have had to fight if he gave my $ to any of his lady friends) every great move he made was also my highest level of achievement.

shirleyberan: Every so often you hear of a man who didn't make a will. It's often tragic. Best, Don Bauder

Viagra no doubt keeps Papa Doug in the pink, both figuratively and literally.

Burwell: We don't know that. Best, Don Bauder

Now Manchester gets an up-close and personal taste of investigative reporting. Perhaps, he should try at his hobby business sometime!

Sadly, after the bronze "Ring of Truth" plaque was pried from the wall of the Mission Valley Union-Tribune building, any symbolic evidence of truth vanished.

I have some advice for Manchester. Next time he's at the Del Mar race track, he should stick to betting on the fast horses.

Ponzi: By and large, those Ring of Truth awards were a bit of an embarrassment. Best, Don Bauder

I recall this song from Carly Simon. It makes me think of Mancester:

You walked into the party Like you were walking onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one eye Your scarf it was apricot You had one eye in the mirror As you watched yourself gavotte And all the girls dreamed that they'd be your partner They'd be your partner, and

You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? Don't you?

You had me several years ago When I was still quite naive Well, you said that we made such a pretty pair And that you would never leave But you gave away the things you loved And one of them was me I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee Clouds in my coffee, and

You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? Don't you?

I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee Clouds in my coffee, and

You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? Don't you?

Well, I hear you went up to Saratoga And your horse naturally won Then you flew your Lear jet up to Nova Scotia To see the total eclipse of the sun Well, you're where you should be all the time And when you're not, you're with Some underworld spy or the wife of a close friend Wife of a close friend, and

You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? Don't you? Don't you?

You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain You probably think this song is about you You're so vain You probably think this song is about you

You're so vain (so vain) I'll bet you think this song is about you Don't you? Don't you? Don't you?

Enjoy some music from Ponzi's era 4.5 million youtube listners can't be wrong

It is rumored Carly wrote this song about a real lover, A lover who jilted her.

Many have guessed it's Warren Beatty. But supposedly Simon has said it's a composite of three people she knew back then.

David Batterson: I have never heard of Carly Simon but I have heard of Warren Beatty. Best, Don Bauder

Well, BOTH of them are famous. And that song was a big hit. Haven't you ever listened to music in your lifetime?

David Batterson: I listen to 5 hours of music every evening. But not that kind of music. Best, Don Bauder

You've been missing out on some of the greatest songs ever written, then.

David Batterson: Tonight we listened to a magnificent piano transcription of Bach's Well Tempered Clavier, and right now we are listening to Mahler's 3rd symphony. However good this Carly Simon is, she can't beat Bach and Mahler. Best, Don Bauder

You are comparing apples and oranges. These are totally different musical genres. I like classical music too. But the best of pop music IS as good as the best of classical music. The best jazz is as good as the best opera. Great music is great music. There's no need to be a classical music snob, and look down your nose at pop musicians/singers/songwriters. Many of them are absolutely brilliant musical artists. Open up your mind and tastes a little, and you'll discover new delights.

David Batterson: I am sure that is your opinion. Best, Don Bauder

Don - I'm honestly not trying to be rude...but you're no spring chicken and I say that because you're around my age/era (you might be a bit older). I can't believe you've never heard of Carly Simon, singer/songwriter from the 60's, 70's and now doing 40's classics! Her hits include "You're So Vain" (the song above, sung with Mick Jagger), "Anticipation" (the song that was used in the Hunt's slow-pouring catsup commercial), "Mocking Bird" (sung with her then husband James Taylor), "Nobody Does It Better", "The Spy Who Loved Me" (from a James Bond movie), She's very nice looking but has a pretty darn big mouth (physically!) and a very full set of teeth that fills that mouth! You've really never heard of her?? I'm speechless!! (well....obviously not!)

Carolann: OK, I am ignorant of popular music. One time at the U-T I was reviewing a book whose title used the names of Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett.

I walked on to the news floor and asked if anybody had heard of Jimmy Buffett. Everybody laughed -- not with me, but at me. Best, Don Bauder

Have you heard of John Lennon? Jimi Hendrix? Janice Joplin? Sting? Streisand? Billy Joel? Mick Jagger? Madonna? Lady Gaga? Pink? San Diego's Jewel? San Diego's Adam Lambert? And that's just a tiny amount of talent you've missed out on.

Ponzi: A nice song. I wish I could sing -- any song. Best, Don Bauder

Everyone with vocal chords can sing, some are said to sing poorly, but that's a matter of opinion.

Psycholizard: You have never heard me try to sing. Best, Don Bauder

If it's anything like your opinion-slinging, it would be ear-shattering.

LOL--I am POSITIVE this will never be seen in the U-T, but I would bet some of the rank-and-file that still work there are rolling on the floor in laughter at this.

aardvark: Oh no, this will never be in the U-T. Best, Don Bauder

And what was in the "Night and Day" section this morning? A nice picture of Dougie and the future Mrs. Dougie.

aardvark: Somebody just wrote me this morning to tell me about that. I haven't seen it. Best, Don Bauder

The recent Aug 19 photo shows a more sedate bride to be. On June 10 she stands out a bit more. Maturing into the role, she is.

Lynch should take his suit to a dry cleaners. It looks like he slept in it the night before and woke up in an alley.

No, he FOUND that suit in an alley dumpster! Even homeless guys didn't want it.

Burwell: When we talk about the lynching of Filner, some posters call it the Lynching. Apt, that. Best, Don Bauder

Don, Doug's conquest certified him as the most powerful political and media leader in San Diego. And he is now fast becoming recognized as a man who is rapidly gaining power over the national GOP just like his role model Rupert Murdoch had in Great Britain.

Doug's Der Stürmer attacks against Filner and his triumph over San Diego democratic leaders forced them to bow to his will.

And the worst consequence is that national democratic leaders like Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi have been exposed for their failures to protect women's rights.

Anon92107: Of course he is the most powerful media leader in San Diego. He owns both the U-T and North County Times. Nobody in electronic media comes close. Best, Don Bauder

North County Times does not exist anymore. If you were in town, you'd know that.

My deceased father used to call our refrigerator an "ice box" and a rental car a "U Drive It."

David Batterson: I should have said "the former North County Times." I know full well about the purchase and have written at length both about the $12 million deal, the circulation leakage, and on what he is doing to the old North County Times. Take a tranquilizer. Best, Don Bauder

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Who knew you'd turn all sensitive on us? So solly, Cholly. Let's see how GIAR fares.

That one is kosher. But I don't think it will work either, though.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

While Qualcomm doesn't own "media" per se, it supplies hundreds of millions of chips for the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series and many other top-selling mobile phones: the RF transceiver, baseband processor, and power management chips. Mobile phones are now major players for the distribution of media (TV shows, news channels, movies, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). So in that sense, Qualcomm far exceeds what Manchester is doing with his old-fashioned newspaper business. And Qualcomm's founder is richer than the Dougie man.

David Batterson: But Qualcomm doesn't shape the news. It is involved in the distribution of it. Big difference. Best, Don Bauder

I said exactly that in my comment. Apparently you didn't read it carefully. Here is it again: "Mobile phones are now major players for the distribution of media." Have you seen your optometrist lately?

Those companies are just middlemen. The whole cable and satellite space is going to go through a major disruption in 2014. Just like Blockbuster. By 2015 DVD's will be like CD's today. But the companies that are going to be the stars are the content providers, not the channels. Channels are being eliminated. As patents expire, Qualcomm can kiss their superiority goodbye. Snapdragon is old news.

Qualcomm is the new Microsoft, innovation has died. They hire H-1B techies not for innovation, but for support of existing lines of business.

The next disruption is distribution. This generation does not use a land-line, because they have cell, they don't need cable because they stream from their smartphone and they don't need internet because they get wifi for free or 4G. The whole cable industry is going to collapse.

But in their place there ins not going to be a distributor anymore, The content creators are going to go direct. Streaming from CBS, ESPN and other content properties.

Qualcomm cannot share in this growth other than what chips they provide to the device makers. And there are open source technologies in the pipeline that are going to make Qualcomm and Microsoft obsolete in the next couple of years.

Microsoft SHOULD go belly up, and CEO Steve Ballmer should have been canned years ago. He's an arrogan old goat who is clueless about technology. Microsoft's Surface tablet was DOA, and those crappy tablets with crappy Windows 8 may end up at BigLots. But I wouldn't count Qualcomm out yet. Don't you think they've already come up with their next generation of chips to replace Snapdragon?

Steve Ballmer is retiring. On Qualcomm, they have to race the expiration of their patents. And it's partnerships that make them strong, not technologies.

I read the Ballmer news this morning. Only 12 more months of that guy mismanaging Microsoft. But their stock zoomed up. Ronald McDonald or Daffy Duck could do a better job than Ballmer.

dwb: It amazed most tech people that Ballmer held on as long as he did. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: Yes, and Microsoft stock was roaring upward this morning upon the announcement. I have always wondered how Ballmer stays on. He has made one big mistake after another. Best, Don Bauder

I guess he owns too much stock in the company to oust him.

David Batterson: I am thrilled to see you call somebody besides me an arrogant old goat. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: Wall Street is not convinced of that scenario yet. But Wall Street seldom foresees anything -- particularly big trends. Wall Street focuses on the next quarter, or perhaps the next minute. Best, Don Buder

Ponzi: I don't know about Qualcomm's vulnerability. But most of the high techs are vulnerable in one way or another. It's Schumpeter's creative destruction at work. I have almost no tech stocks for that reason. Best, Don Bauder

She did not meet Doug Manchester at the races. She met him while she was working at Club M at the Grand Del Mar Hotel. She was employed as a hostess in 2010-2011 well before last year.

Sleeping with the help. Well if she can't get some rubles by marrying, she can always sue for sexual harassment.

Ponzi: We don't know that. Best, Don Bauder

enzo: You may be right, but the story I got is that they met at the races. Best, Don Bauder

I've noticed a lot of Russian-bride email in my spam filter inbox recently. Is that you, Comrade Nana?


by Duhbya

Duhbya: We are not saying that Derzhavina is a mail order bride. Best, Don Bauder

Correct. I meant to imply male-order.

Duhbya: Great pun, but not sure that applies, either. I couldn't reach her ex-American husband to learn the circumstances. Best, Don Bauder

Don, my instinct is that Brantley Vigil, brought her from Russia. I just don't see any other way the two, living on different hemispheres, could have casually met.

Ponzi: You may be right, but I can't pin that down. It was my suspicion, too. Best, Don Bauder

She went from Bankrupt Brantley to Moneybags Manchester.

Brantley needs to be heard from. The least Manchester can do is get acquainted with his fiance's ex-husband.

enzo: Technically, he went bankrupt after they divorced. Best, Don Bauder

The difference between Hugo Drax and Doug Manchester is, Hugo Drax had a permit for his helipad.

Ponzi: I was going to ask you who Hugo Drax was, but then I watched the youtube. Good observation. Best, Don Bauder

She better hire an Attorney to interpret the prenuptial agreement. It will obviously be slanted in his favor.

enzo: You mean like the U-T is slanted in favor of Papa Doug's favorite corporate welfare plans? Best, Don Bauder

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