Festival Fashion: Adams Avenue Unplugged

Adam’s Avenue unplugged is one of San Diego's best festivals. Each year they offer an ample line-up of talented and unique musical acts. On April 27th at 2:30pm, Actor John C. Reilly was accompanied by local musician Gregory Page and North Dakota born folk singer, Tom Brosseau during a set at the Normal Heights United Methodist Church. An hour later, across the street, The Spirit Family Reunion, a Brooklyn based group, filled Adams Park with their unique brand of homespun, foot-stomping music.

This year, Adam’s Avenue Unplugged featured 135 musical acts. It took place along a two mile stretch of Adams Ave. spanning from University Heights to Kensington. Musical acts performed in restaurants, bars, coffee houses, churches, and parks.

Breanne Meulink

Breanne Meulink

The people watching during the festival, was nearly as excellent as the music.

I found 22-year-old Breanne Meulink outside the United Methodist church on Saturday afternoon. Inside, musician Ross Altman crooned old labor and anti-war songs into a microphone on the Larry Robinson Memorial stage.

Meulink wore a one piece jumper accessorized with barefeet, bangles and hair beads.

The 22-year-old is moving to Costa Rica next month where she will work as an adventure tour guide at an eco-resort.

"My friend’s parents just opened the resort and they needed workers," Meunlink explained.

Breanne was accompanied by her friend Lauren Nelson who was visiting San Diego for the weekend from Oregon. Nelson wore a thrifted floral dress paired with an elephant necklace and a Brandi Melville V-fringe brown purse ($25).

Nearby I found friends Jessica Robinette and Amy Schultz browsing the vendor stands.

 Jessica Robinette and Amy Schultz

Jessica Robinette and Amy Schultz

Jessica wore a vintage floral jumpsuit with a Forever 21 chunky belt. Amy wore a t-shirt she bought on the boardwalk in Venice Beach and shorts from a boutique in Santa Monica.

If you missed Adam’s Avenue unplugged this year, there is always the Adams Avenue Street Fair falling on September 28 & 29th.

Here's a clip of the Spirit Family Reunion to tide you over until the next Adams Avenue Unplugged.

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