Letters: Maggie riles readers

This is why both the increase [= research] and diffusion [= teaching] of knowledge among mankind are as inseparable in a university as both practice and playing real games are for a major league baseball team. After all, why would anyone want to join a team that proclaimed it only spent time in spring training, and never played a real game?

Much of the organizational fuzziness in California’s higher education system is caused by the state supporting two separate university systems — the UC system and the CSU system. The reasons for two separate systems (invented by Clark Kerr to aggrandize the UC system by reserving research to it and assigning teaching to a “state college” system ) are irrational. Kerr tried to deny the CSU system the very raison d’etre of a university. This is why the 50-year-old justification for two separate systems has failed. Luckily, the CSU system has successfully overcome this handicap to become a true university system.

California can save a lot of money by amalgamating its two separate university systems into one single system. (The only downside would be, I am certain, that the resulting unified bureaucracy would somehow be larger than the sum of the current two separate ones.)

— J. F. Dolan, Tierrasanta

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