Food Network shoots show at OB Noodle House

Guy Fieri visits Hodad’s again also

The Food Network recently brought the popular show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives back into Ocean Beach to shoot segments at Hodad’s (again) and the OB Noodle House for the first time.

The program segment done at Hodad’s about four years ago seemed to result in lines of people around the corner. Hodad’s was also on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, another show on the Food Network hosted by celebrity chef Guy Fieri, who has reputedly become good friends with Mike Hardin, the owner of Hodad’s.

OB Noodle House announced on Facebook Saturday, April 20, that it would be closed the following day while the crew filmed the show at their restaurant. I spoke with one of the owners of the Noodle House, Steve Yeng, and he said that Fieri already shot his spots last week and they were doing some additional scenes on Sunday. He said the whole crew came in Saturday night and ate at the restaurant.

Yeng said they had to keep it hush-hush last week, as the producers of the show were afraid the place might be mobbed once people learned Fieri was filming there. When I asked him if he had a full house for the first shoot, Yeng said he was allowed to invite only ten people, and they had to sign contracts agreeing to not talk about the segment until it airs.

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