Seven Psychopaths, Idiocracy

Seven Psycopaths
  • Seven Psycopaths

What makes Idiocracy so funny is how clearly you can see the future of our society in it. It is sad, depressing, and scary how close we are to reaching the level of stupidity depicted in the film. While the humor seems quite juvenile on the surface, Idiocracy is actually an intelligent satirical parody that raises thought-provoking questions about America, capitalism, Darwinism, marketing, ambition, leadership, and culture.

  • Idiocracy (USA) 2006, Twentieth Century Fox
  • List price: $14.98

I could not have been more wrong when I assumed the funniest scenes from Seven Psychopaths are in the trailer. The laughs are nonstop from beginning to end. Christopher Walken’s deadpan delivery is hysterical. Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson vie for most over-the-top comedic performance. Even Colin Farrell is amusing. Bloody violence, gore, witty dialogue, and dark comedy…who could ask for anything more?

  • Seven Psychopaths (England) 2012, Sony Pictures
  • List price: $30.99

— Rena Rowe, Movie Lover

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