Free Spirits in Golden Hill

C funk (that is the name he goes by), used to own an identical military issued jacket purchased from a thrift shop, but a couple of Marines made him hand it over.

"They said it wasn't right that I was wearing it. I wasn't about to fight them, so I gave it to them. Luckily a friend of mine gave me the one I’m wearing. I took all the patches off so I won’t offend anyone again."

The 24-year-old artist wore thrift store scored clothing. C Funk’s guitar-like instrument was purchased in Thailand when he was 18.

Brooke Dankowski

Brooke Dankowski

I found Brooke Dankowski at Influx on Broadway. She did an expert job combining expensive pieces with bargain items. The 32-year-old hair stylist wore a high-end Marc Jacobs purse and a Michael Kors watch with a Forever 21 sweater and H&M jeans.

Brooke's lust-worthy ankle boots are from Revolve clothing. They retail for $350. They are Freebird by Steven. Each pair is handmade in Mexico.

Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope

Golden Hill resident Lauren Pope is a self-proclaimed bargain shopper. Most of the items that fill her closet are thrift store scores.

Pope is a recent UCSD grad. She is currently looking for a job in her field. She majored in Communications.

The vintage cowboy boots Lauren is sporting in the above photos were a $25 dollar eBay purchase.

“I scored when I found these boots. They are my favorite wardrobe item,” she tells me.

Her dress is from Buffalo Exchange and her lemon-yellow purse is American Apparel

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