Car Hits Bicyclist at Ocean Beach Intersection

At approximately 5:30 p.m.on September 23, a bicyclist was hit by a car at an intersection in Ocean Beach.

The intersection of West Point Loma Boulevard and Abbott Street has a yield sign that residents Audrey Stratton and Lindsay Huston say causes many accidents. Their apartment is next to the intersection.

Stratton and Huston said they heard the accident and the bicyclist scream, "Oh, my God!" They claim there have been at least four accidents there in the past six months. They said one accident involved a small boy on a bike where fire trucks, police, and ambulances were called to the scene. They said no one seems to know that you slow down for a yield sign.

Stratton said she has called the city’s traffic department to request a stop sign be installed; she said she left a voice mail and her call was never returned.

According to San Diego police officer J. Featherly, the female bicyclist was heading south on West Point Loma; the female driver of the car was heading east through the yield sign when they made contact.

The driver pulled over immediately to help the bicyclist, who did not seem to be seriously injured but was shaking and had a bloody rash on her back where she hit the asphalt. The bicyclist was taken to the hospital by a friend who lived nearby.

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san diego is not a bicycle, moped nor motorcycle friendly city...

Attend planning board meetings and bring to their attention, as this is the type of issue they should be interested in, specifically. Also, if you feel strongly, after having consulted the board, perhaps this is bad city planning and "design". Suggest contacting Senior Traffic Eng, Gary Pence by email at [email protected] - Great guy! KNows OB really, really well.

As I understood it, SD city is considering 2013 budget major projects, but he may already have general funds for this type of “fix”. He recently addressed the OB Planning Board to discuss precisely this type of issue, imho i.e. adding stop signs, evaluating car and pedestrian volumes, and comparing accident-rates, severity – all of which go into the “algorithm” to determine how to fix - or not to fix! - a suspected traffic problem.

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