County affords some Fords

San Diego County is looking for a few 2013 “Ford Fusion ‘S’ I-4 Sedans” — 14 to start with and more to come, according to a recent request for bids by the fleet management division. The vehicles need to be equipped with “sync voice activated communications and entertainment systems” and sport an “Earth” color interior. On the exterior, five will be silver, four sterling gray, two each ginger ale and oxford white, and one black. Ford’s website says the cars start at about $23,000 retail. In addition to those vehicles, the County wants to purchase one Fusion hybrid sedan in oxford white ($28,000), one oxford white Fusion SE sedan ($25,000), and one oxford white Ford Focus S sedan ($16,200). No word about who gets to drive the new wheels.

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The new Fusion is a GREAT looking car. So I guess it's OK.

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