Mermaid Spotted in Ocean Beach

One of the biggest hits of the September 16 Surfrider Paddle for Clean Water event in Ocean Beach was a mermaid sighting.

Mermaid Shelly hails from Carlsbad, where she has a business named Shell Tails Labs. Since 2011, she has created hand-painted mermaid tails made of neoprene and silicone.

Mermaid Shelly is a big proponent of protecting marine environments and is a frequent visitor to beachside events. Her popularity with tourists, children, and curious men make her a big draw along the shoreline, where she lolls around in the sand, wiggling her tail, and reminding people to be "kind to the ocean."

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The kids were fascinated...and so were the (red-blooded) men! LOL

When I was a kid many years ago I loved going to Disneyland, and in the submarine lagoon they had Mermaids who would sit out on the rocks in the lagoon and wave at everyone...........................great , great memories.

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