Vigil for Ambassador Stevens in downtown San Diego

A group of Arab Americans held a candlelight vigil downtown at Fourth and Broadway on the evening of September 15. The event was billed as an "Emergency Vigil in Honor of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens,”  who was killed on September 11, 2012, along with three other Americans, in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

One of the attendees, Sherin Zadah, said that "Ambassador Stevens was very supportive of the Libyan people during their struggle against the former dictator Gaddafi and was a strong presence in  recent months in Libya. He was loved and respected."

The vigil's Facebook events page was clear about how upset the tragedy has made many Arab Americans: "The acts of these few Muslims are horrific and simply do not represent Islam. We stand together as a community to make it known that those that took part in these tragic events do not represent the Libyan people nor do they represent Muslims worldwide."

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Wow, this is news that should have been on every TV station in the country. Why wasn't it? Must not fit the main-stream media's narrative of all Muslims being crazy fanatics? Thanks to those that showed up for this event. Thanks to Gail for being the only reporter in the US that covered it.

Thank you to califcomedy for the kind words. I noticed a story in the LA Times about the Syrian American Council organizing vigils for the Ambassador across the west. The Facebook organizer of the San Diego vigil, Sherin, told me that our local Channel 6 station came out and shoot some footage of them Sat. night but I don't know if it ever made it onto their news show.

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