Car Hits Moped Rider in Point Loma

A  female moped rider was critically injured on Wednesday afternoon, September 12, in Point Loma. The woman, reportedly in her 20s, was "heading east on Coronado Avenue when she ran a stop sign at Catalina Boulevard and was hit" by a southbound Mercedes-Benz, according to Channel 8 News.

San Diego police closed off many streets around Catalina Boulevard, which threw the afternoon commute into turmoil and clogged many intersections along the route. Catalina Boulevard is a major traffic artery in the area, used by Navy and civilian employees as they commute to and from the military bases located at the tip of Point Loma.

The driver of the car was identified as a woman in her 40s, who was reportedly uninjured. The victim reportedly suffered severe head injuries and was rushed to the hospital at around 2:30 p.m. The black late-model Mercedes — its windshield bearing the imprint of the crash victim — was towed away at around 4 p.m.

The tow-truck driver who was hooking up the damaged Mercedes said he thought the rider had died.

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a sad example of the danger of mopeds in traffic...

I get the feeling that the young moped rider was having trouble navigating the Coronado Ave. hill she was riding down. It is steep going down to Catalina Blvd., and maybe she not so much "ran" the stop sign but was having trouble stopping? All together, a very sad day.

I don't understand what would be gained by such hair-splitting. She didn't stop. Period. Would you be so quick to look for excuses if the car had run the stop sign? "Oh, maybe the brakes didn't work, maybe it wasn't their fault!" What difference does it make???

The difference it makes is that I got a good look at the accident site and when I heard that the victim might be as young as 18, there seemed to be a good possibility that she lost control of the moped as opposed to deliberately running the stop sign. Why are you so critical of other Reader commenters, jnojr. NOT COOL!

comments are only opinons, not criticisms to be taken personally. your comments/opinions remain valid....

I hope the moped rider is OK....I have been hit on a bicycle AND a motorcycle, and lucky I was not killed.

I hope that this young lady is OK. I happened to notice a woman in a Pink Top (V Neck), short sleeves and Brown Sunglasses, and I think black pants on a Moped heading down Chatsworth on this same afternoon. I do not know that this is the same person, however, I took note that she was weaving in and out of traffic and the word "reckless" came to mind when I saw her in my rear view mirror. She passed me on the right hand side just before she got to Narragansett and she did not complete a stop at a red light before heading up the hill towards Ocean Beach. Mopeds, Motorcycles and Bicycles are no match against a car. If this is the same young woman, then my heart goes out to the driver of the car who hit her, as I had observed this moped rider driving without consideration for her own safety let alone anyone else's. I apologize if this is a different moped rider, and whoever was involved will know by the clothing if this is the same woman or not. I do hope this young person recovers. So sad all the way around. I contacted SDPD the evening of the accident to provide this information.

"Mopeds... are no match against a car." - an especially true statement. They're just toys in world of many much larger machines. San Diego isn't Europe or Asia where mopeds have been a common form of transportation for decades. Here, they're outnumbered by hundreds-to-one. Not a safe travel choice despite the economics...

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