Ocean Beach Apartment Residents Riled Over Thefts

A daytime security guard now roams the property
  • A daytime security guard now roams the property

Jonathan Chambers was arrested earlier in August for suspicion of burglary at the Mariner's Cove apartment complex in Ocean Beach. After his arrest, 10News rolled into the West Point Loma Boulevard property with a camera, looking to interview some of the burglary victims.

Residents unleashed a load of anger against the apartment management and referred to what they termed a "perceived coddling of criminals" on the property. A neighbor brought up the April 2011 story regarding Chambers borrowing a Navy man's car for a joyride.

According to an unidentified source, three long-term residents, all claiming to be victims of theft, have banded together and consulted an attorney. The residents plan to break their leases and move out. The residents claim they were never informed that a portion of  Mariner's Cove is set aside for low-income housing.

The property management has hired a daytime security guard who roams the property.

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When I was in school in MI the large apartment complex I lived in would not rent to any convicted felons.

What I am told is the problem, is that many of the trouble-makers moved into the complex with the old lease agreement, which allows for just the felons and druggies to be evicted but the rest of the family gets to stay (it is known as the "loophole.") Only the felons and other thugs DON'T stay out and come back to cause more trouble. Several of the families the office has tried to evict, including the Chambers, run right to a pro bono attorney who files some kind of "discrimination" motion and stops the eviction process. The bad seeds then are rewarded for their behavior & get to live rent free! They just pay the monthly court costs!

The sad part is: there are many upstanding, decent people who also live at Mariner's Cove that get to suffer and pay the price for all the bad people living there the office just cannot seem to get out. You take your chances when you live @ MC.

If the family is allowing druggies/trouble makers to come in and cause problems then the management has cause to evict them. Document it-which it sounds liek there is plenty already. Go to court- take on the pro bono attorney and wipe the halls with them. A decent judge will not allow a tenant to get away with rule violations under the guise of discrimination. So you spend some money evicting, that is a heck of a lot cheaper than having GOOD tenants move out. Eventually bad apples like this will cause the entire complex to shut down because once market rate tenants leave there will be no money to cover the expenses (mortgage, taxes etc)O and the property will go back tot he lender. Management is letting down the decent tenants at the expense of the bad apples, and that is bad management and I would move if I were a good tenant, no matter how much I liked the place. I was actually in a couple of places where I had teh same problem, one was my apartment in MI, a guy would play his steroa 24/7, I told the managers I was breaking the one year oease if they didn't fix it and then suing them, it was me or the stereo jerk-stereo jerk got the boot.

It is not the records per se, but the trouble one brings, which relates to their background. I do agree with you that there are many good tenants in section 8 housing subsidies, and I would have no problem renting to them if they had references and credit.

Viewer, I have no idea what you're trying to say?..... thanks for playing.

Just for the record, @viewer, SurfPuppy619 is one of the more erudite and valuable members of the Reader commentary pages. He inevitably makes sense and always seems to have something pertinent to contribute. I would like to add that last week, my old 20 year old, junky bike was stolen in broad daylight in my front yard. This time, though, I think it was some punk kids who did it & not the usual culprits. No matter, I have now become ANOTHER victim in the long-running mismanagement saga of MC.

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