Flashy nightsticks

How much should a police flashlight cost? San Diego sheriff Bill Gore is looking for a deal to buy a total of 1800 Bayco TAC330B “nightstick tactical lights,” which retail for about $40, over three years. The unit “is a 180 lumens non-rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight that outperforms most other lights that cost twice as much,” according to the website of its maker. “The high efficiency deep reflector produces a beam that has an impressive effective range of 190 meters (more than 620 feet). Its waterproof design, in combination with impact and chemical resistant engineered polymer housing, make the TAC-300 one of the toughest tactical lights around.”

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That is definitely cheaper than other police LED flashlights, such as those made by Brite-Strike. Their "Tactical Blue-Dot" models can cost $100 and up. But they are made with military-spec, black anodized aluminum casing (also waterproof). I know because I own one.

Streamlights. Been using them for probably 30 yrs. You can find the best for around a buck and a quarter if you look. In fact, the first one I ever bought still hangs out in my workshop.

What brand did Fox Mulder use on X-Files? It always worked , even in sewers infested with alien life forms.

tomjohnston: High-lumens LED flashlights did NOT exist 30 years ago, so you are comparing apples to oranges. And batteries 30 years did not last very long. The police flashlights use long-life Lithium batteries.

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