Rehashed Hype

The Reader falls to ever-lower depths of journalistic depravity and squalor as exemplified by Matt Potter’s hatchet job on the Romney family. Mr. Potter is lower than a snake.

The first page of his filthy story is on Mormon polygamy. (By the way, it would have been decent to refer to the church as the LDS Church, but Potter lacks elementary humanity.) Then Potter gives two entire pages to the only homosexual he could find among hundreds and hundreds of members of the Romney family in San Diego County. Finally, Potter digs up some unfortunate remarks against Clyde Romney and his political campaign in 1986 .

While many politicians and pundits have complained about illegal aliens, Mr. Potter chose to rehash this hype and hang it on the Romneys. As far as big money goes, the various groups that amass huge financial resources include Episcopalians, Jews, and Quakers, but I’ve never seen any hatchet jobs being done on them.

In conclusion, the Reader is opportunistic, one-sided, prejudiced, and generally predisposed towards sleaze. Need one say more?

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Transit Dependent

Re: “On the Trail of a Complaint,” City Lights, October 25

Viewing the transit security tapes for buses, trolleys, trains, and cabs should be in the hands of independent federal officials, not the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System or the NCTD.

One requirement for work as a federal overseer should be that one be transit dependent. A passenger who has a complaint or incident could request it be viewed or reviewed by the federal overseers. The money the feds would save on cutting back on empty buses, trains, trolleys, and cabs that a local official would never report could be transferred to transit vehicles that security videos show have standing room only: increase revenue, decrease cost. Eliminate wasteful spending on MTS and NCTD complaint bureaus for cabs, trolleys, buses and trains. Plus, it would cut down on pickpockets who harvest San Diego.

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