Yun Tow or Tun Yow?

This concerns your Unforgettable feature in the October 18 issue (“The Trail of Torment on Gold Mountain”). This is about the Chinaman Ah Chee and his quest to save his girlfriend and bride, Yun Tow. What was her name? In the beginning of the feature she’s Yun Tow, and then towards the end she’s Tun Yow. So, which is it? It’s a little bit confusing. If I spoke Chinese maybe I could figure it out.

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The correct name is Tun Yow. We regret the error. — Editor

Words as Swimmers

I’m sorry to admit that I was one of those with a negative opinion of Barbarella. But after reading her “Shark Tank” entry in the October 18 issue of the Reader (Diary of a Diva), I might be changing that opinion. She claims that she was growing — developing and hardening her emotional armor; that her survival mechanism is to detach herself emotionally. Well, I’m glad she’s not the cold fish she hates herself for not being. She’s a little more reachable; a little more human, maybe? Words might be good swimmers, but I’m not. I’m hoping she wouldn’t let me down in her vast ocean; that she would at least send out a rescue party, no matter what my perspective might be. Possibly a fresh new perspective?

When someone views you in an unflattering light, you really shouldn’t let it get to you. After all, they don’t really know you. They can’t see into your heart and soul. They don’t know your motivations. Maybe you care somewhat how you’re perceived, but when all is said and done, the only opinion you should care about is your own. How do you view yourself? That’s what really matters. But, whatever you do, don’t hate yourself for caring what others think about you. Don’t be so high and mighty!

Laura Owen

Beyond Imagination

I’m calling about a letter in your October 18 issue, “Oh, You White People.” I just have to say that it was very ignorant, offensive, and obnoxious. I don’t know where this woman got off. It’s just beyond my imagination that anybody could be that ignorant.

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Armourers Aplenty?

Today, I came across an article titled “The Armourer of Ramona” written by Patrick Daugherty (Sporting Box, October 11). Based on the contents of the article, Mr. Daugherty did not research the topic or statements made by Mr. Hedgecock concerning armourers on the West Coast.

Mr. Hedgecock states, with regards to armourers, “I’m the only one on the West Coast. I have two colleagues on the East Coast.” This statement is completely false. He is not even the only armourer in Ramona — James River Armory is another. There are numerous armourers in California alone, and many more on the West Coast. Some examples include James River Armory (mentioned earlier) and Anshelm Arms (who recently provided armour for the Full Metal Jousting TV show). There are many more.

I would suggest that Mr. Daughtery print a retraction article with corrections, including contacting the armourers listed in this article, to provide the correct information to your readership.

J. F. Brabham

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