Brew House at Eastlake Closes — Why?

The Brew House at Eastlake closed its doors for good a couple days ago, leaving many more San Diegans out of work.

On the morning of Monday, October 1, some employees and patrons were surprised to find a sign on the front of the popular brewery/restaurant: "The Brew House at Eastlake is closed. Thank you for your patronage" was all it read. Some employees found out they'd lost their jobs via email Monday morning.

When San Diegans and Chula Vistans filled the Eastlake Tavern & Bowl to support American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez in May, some of the overflow crowd spilled into the brewhouse. The brewery’s happy hour brought in many locals. Tuesdays drew a crowd of patrons for a good deal on tacos. On Chargers game days, people came in wearing the team colors to watch the game.

The Brew House was a seemingly successful company; its closure has left some in the community with unanswered questions.

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The Brew House at Eastlake closed its doors. Some employees found out they'd lost their jobs via email Monday morning.......

Regards, Bizworldusa

Yes, I think we all were able figure that out from what was written in the article.

Might have been mismanagement, theft. I worked in and with restaurants for years, and you HAVE to be there 24/7 or the food and money goes out the back door via employees. It is also a very competitive industry/business area. 90% fail within 1 year.

Likely a number of factors: rent is too high in these newer retail strip malls; there wasn't much personality to the place; a lot of people didn't even know it was there; this part of town doesn't understand good beer; people still eat at chain restaurants for some reason; service there was aloof. Oggi's better watch out because the service there is sketchy too. But mostly, the retail rents are too high in east Chula Vista.

Just because it was a brewpub doesn't mean it was a success. Oh, I know all about the emergence of San Diego as a hotbed of micro-brewers and craft-brewers, but it doesn't mean that every stud who sets up shop as a brewpub is going to succeed. Here in Vista, the Oggi's went under--replaced by some other operation that lasted a few months before folding itself. Oggi's was in the center of a firestorm about a young dude who left the place after drinking a huge amount of the local product, picked up a bud, and then promptly flipped the car and killed them both. There was a major push to put Oggi's Vista out of business, and they now are no longer there. The folks who wanted to put Oggi's out of business succeeded. The location on Melrose Drive, just south of the entrance to the courthouse, is now vacant. And actually I liked the food at Oggi's there.

This closure is just one of many that will continue to occur in and around the local area in months/years to come.

Now I understand why the owner was so eager to turn away business so easily. Turns out my brother and at least seven of his well deserving employees were out on a friday afternoon lunch and happened to come into the establishment of note. Being that the boss was surely going to pick up the tab, the mood was lighthearted and maybe a bit boisterous. Apparently the owner/manager/person, took offense to the boys and threw them out. Eight multiplied by an average of fifteen? Do the math. Business is business bruddah! Chances are that when they were turned away, the head garbanzo pretty much knew it was over. Should have stayed home and let the servers get a big tip. But no!.......

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