Was Ike Turner Murdered?

Jeanette Turner believes Ike Turner was murdered, and that she’s likely on the same hit list.
  • Jeanette Turner believes Ike Turner was murdered, and that she’s likely on the same hit list.

Wayne Kramer, the ex-MC5 guitarist, finished his keynote address at the North Park Music Thing and then opened it up for questions. A middle-aged blonde in a black dress went first. “I’m Jeanette Bazzell Turner. I was married to Ike Turner.” She talked about Turner’s prison sentence and agreed with Kramer — he, like Ike, also did a little time behind bars — that playing music is therapy for prisoners.

Then Turner sobbed and told the room that Ike Turner didn’t really die from a cocaine overdose. “There was another substance in his bloodstream, and the medical examiner won’t talk about it.”

Ike Turner died suddenly on December 12, 2007, at the rented home on Viewpoint Drive in San Marcos that he once shared with Jeanette Bazzell Turner. He was 76. The medical examiner ruled that Turner’s death was the result of an accidental cocaine poisoning.

“They put in his autopsy report that he died of cocaine,” Jeanette Turner told me later at a South Park bistro. “But it was that psychotropic drug Seroquel...and it blew his heart up.” She said that Ike Turner’s caregiver, Falina Rasool, told her she had administered the drug sometime during the last two days of Turner’s life, 125 mg of it, which Ms. Turner thinks was an overdose.

According to Drugs.com, Seroquel is an antipsychotic medicine used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in both adults and children.

“His autopsy report said he had three broken ribs, and nobody wanted to talk about that, either.” Ike Turner was a relapsed cocaine addict who also suffered from high blood pressure, COPD, and emphysema. “This is what disturbs me,” she says later. “At the [settlement hearing] the attorneys don’t mention the word ‘murder.’ I didn’t realize he’d been murdered until after the fact.”

Jeanette Bazzell Turner is 50 years old. “Ike and I were business partners for 19 years,” she says. She opens a three-ring binder full of legal documents: fictitious name filings, bank statements, tax forms. Her name is on everything. “Our mailbox money? During our marriage, it averaged around $160,000 a year alone on proceeds from his catalog.” But, she says that at times the amount could swell to half a million dollars, depending on who licensed Ike’s songs for their own projects. For example, she says, “Ike got 250,000 dollars alone from Salt-n-Pepa when they sampled ‘I’m Blue.’”

These days, Turner says she does a little real estate and that she still performs, albeit infrequently. She won’t tell me exactly where she lives. “I’m afraid for my life.” She thinks Ike Turner was murdered for his money. She was awarded half of his estate for a period of time following his death up to February 2012. Even though no money has appeared in her mailbox, she fears she might be on the same hit list that Ike was on. “They aren’t giving me what belongs to me, and I’m gonna fight ’em for it. The judge hasn’t seen everything yet. That’s the deal.”

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Seroquel - A drug that isn't listed as abused substance but deadly at high doses - found in his system that was not prescribed to him, but purportedly prescribed to a particular person near him during the final days of his life? 3 broken ribs. What is left out is the handwritten stuff willing his life's work/estate/belongings to this other person just prior to dying under the influence and more than likely coupled with the broken ribs, (ehmmm ya don't usually break your ribs post mortem). Broken ribs..hmmm "we have ways to make you talk", (or in this case SIGN). The fact that this was all found (in the autopsy) and during discovery (the writing) but the autopsy curiously left out of the language involved in the courtroom less the cocaine... as how likely would it be argued that he didn't die of a cocaine overdose, given his history?

I spoke with him just a few nights prior, as I did for the previous several weeks in a row via phone as I knew something was not usual. The last conversation leaves me with that horrible sense of hindsight being 20/20...."I should have done something". Lesson - listen to your conscience, if you feel something just isn't right, act on it as you can't go back such as the case here. But you can do what's right and INVESTIGATE. No need to point fingers and run off "hearsay" if someone would do their job(s) here.... Coroner's office, Sheriff's Department etc? Vindicate this man's image, it was hard enough on him than to leave him at the public's vigilance and now posturing of just another "Cocaine Overdose Death of an Addict" - Not so.

I cry fowl and fully support Jeanette's suspicions both independently, and because I know how vigilant she is and how gifted she is in her ability to pay attention to the smallest detail. Nothing's ever gotten past her in my personal experience. "Not that I've tried, Jeanette". lol.

I was in the house that morning he died and if there was a broken rib it was because the paramedics worked on him for nearly 30 minutes trying to get him to come back.

I don't know any of the other stuff that's being said nor do I want to get involved in any of it. I always stayed out of that part of his life and will continue to do so.

There were 3 and the medics noted the bruising prior to the commensement of any physical tactics to "bring him back" and were not responsible for the fractures, so it is said (?) I just despise greed that grows to the point of violence - and let that not open any pandora's box either. My posturing has always been similar to what you state as far as involvement. But if there's foul play and someone knows more and isn't talking... It's sickening (and obvious why). Despite his age, his condition etc, it's truly saddening.

I respect your statement Bill. We've talked briefly before and you seem to be a good person. One thing I will say though, it was hard to stay out of that part when you're over there and can't get things accomplished because of who else is/was there. I just would leave and there's a part of me that regrets not having put more pressure on him to exercise etc because he had just started to agree with that and I feel like I dropped the ball. Coulda woulda shoulda. Keep hitting those skins, no argurments here, less you're debating the qualities between Wekl and Colaiuta. The answer is "neither....Gadd is the answer, lol. jmho

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