Harsh Words for RV Driver at Liberty Station

RV parked on Truxton Road
  • RV parked on Truxton Road

Motorhomes are quite unwelcome on at least one street in Liberty Station. In fact, if you park your RV on Truxton Road, the street in front of Vons and Trader Joe’s grocery stores, a security guard — or perhaps a store owner — will ask (or tell) you to drive it away.

I know of a man who’s been a regular customer at the Starbucks located at 2401 Truxton Road. He usually buys a coffee and uses the Wi-Fi for a substantial period of time. I witnessed as he was chased off the property in mid-November at around 10:00 a.m.

The frizzy-haired, tall gentleman with the white Winnebago had one of the other Liberty Station store owners yelling at him outside, telling him to “Get [his] f---ing RV off the property."

As a Summit Security vehicle and guard stood by, harsh words were exchanged and the RV owner (and Starbucks patron) was instructed to leave immediately by the store owner, or else the police would be called and he would be “arrested for trespassing.” The RV owner complied.

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What is Starbucks problem? If parking is legal alongside that curb, then the RV owner should have told them to go suck on a cappuccino. I don't know why the RV didn't park across the way in the back end of the big parking lot, but hey, if street parking is legal they have every right.

People need to realize San Diego is a destination city for a lot of vacationers and travelers, and RV's are a legitimate part of that population. The few that "reside" here should not cause people to make all RV owners feel unwelcome--especially those that are obviously just stopping for some coffee and wifi.

I don't think it was Starbucks that ran him off. I witnessed a man run out of one of the adjoining businesses and start yelling at the RV driver. I have seen this same tall man at other Peninsula Starbucks and he bangs away on his laptop with coffee in hand for hours. Also keep in mind, the retailers at Liberty Station become panic stricken about parking at the drop of a hat. Mostly because the Rock Church mess on Sundays has made them all so extremely paranoid.

a Summit Security vehicle and guard stood by, harsh words were exchanged and the RV owner (and Starbucks patron) was instructed to leave immediately by the store owner, or else the police would be called and he would be “arrested for trespassing.”

Oh Dear God, why can't I get “arrested for trespassing” here, anywhere, I could use the money from a false imprisonment and kidnapping cause of action!!!

perhaps yet another example of someone not fitting into another person picture

Hey, Surfpup, I'm sure you could get arrested if you put your mind to it. Seems to me there are some business owners who are just asking for a lawsuit. Don't they give these people any training in "public relations"?

Hahhsahahaha...They do need some training on that issue!

Which store owner came out and yelled at the RV owner? That way I know which business not to give my business to. And no, I don't own an RV.

Is this a public street or private property?

Why wasn't he arrested for having "frizzy hair?"

Wow that's a really nice motorhome. I remember the day when the only RV owners who were hassled drove a converted school bus.

That was actually "The Partridge Family" and their bus had an awesome paint job which evened things out.

The privileged classes (including the middle class) have a mean streak when it comes to those less fortunate than themselves. It may be linked to some hard-wired response like chickens and pigeons pecking the sick to death, or it may be pure, learned self-righteousness and gang behavior. And there are just jerks who are greatly offended at the slightest inconvenience or "imperfection" in their environment. This is why it's called the goddamned human race . . .

The privileged classes (including the middle class) have a mean streak when it comes to those less fortunate than themselves.

I do not think it is a "mean streak" as much as it is just plain old ignorance as they have NEVER lived from pay check to pay check. Mitt Romney could NEVER relate to the average person based on his background and upbringing. He was born with a silver spoon in is mouth and his 47% comment showed his ignorance, as many of those 47%'ers were behind him. I will never forget back in 89 or 90 when President George HW Bush went into a grocery store (after some speech or civil event) and trying to act like a common American went to buy some food and at the check out stand and it had a scanner, and he didn't know what it was-had never seen a scanner before.........that is why the super wealthy cannot relate-they have never lived the life most Americans have lived, and are living.

Oh, please spare me. "The privileged class"? If you'd taken a knock on the other side of your head, you'd be bitterly complaining about "the privileged class" driving their huge RVs on public roads, blocking traffic, impairing the views of the drivers of more plebian vehicles, etc.

jnojr, you sound just like what Romney was preaching in his presidential bid0.I ask you- how did that work out for Romney??? He was completely disconnected from working class families, in fact he helped destroy those working class families by mismanaging companies (see KB Toys), shipping US manufacturing jobs overseas, and then claiming 47% would not vote for him b/c they get gov freebies (this one was particularly insulting). If you don't think they are a privileged class who are disconnected then you may be one of them-seriously.

I have been on the receiving end of that mean streak many times. Is it any wonder I am a loner..

I almost want to go hook up my trailer just go park there to see what happens.

LOL do you like to poke at bears with sharp sticks too?

No one has mentioned the fact that those motorhomes can be a real pain to deal with due to their size. They are banned in some cities from being parked on streets for more than a few hours at a time, and can semi-permanently block views of neighbors, etc. This driver should put it elsewhere when he visits Starbucks.

Some retailers can do strange things. I can think of a photo store on Kearny Mesa many years ago whose proprietors, a husband and wife team, would regularly insult their customers. They are long gone. In recent weeks I was told to leave a store where I gave what I thought was an appropriate response to the storekeeper's weird "greeting", and he took offense. But I noted that the place was covered with going-out-of-business banners and concluded that he wasn't having a bad day, he was having a bad stretch. Ah, gee.

Ok, you don't like motorhomes. If it is legal to park there, and not officially marked, he should be able to do that.

Not all asocial people commit mass murder, but it takes an asocial personality to do it. That puts the indifferent in bad company. Causing pain or death unnecessarily or raising hell because you have been inconvenienced is prima facie evidence of the quality of your being--at least at that moment. I've done it, but I take no pride in it.

We've all done things we'd like to take back, but when we keep on whining about the things that don't meet our standards of perfection, we are adding to our misery--and to everybody else's who is affected.

So the frizzy-haired guy ain't perfuct. Maybe he lost his mansion and it's all he's got in which to live. Maybe he has an injury, is ill, or infirm for a number of reasons. Maybe he is a desperate loner growing more and more desperate by the hour. What good does it do to hurt him?

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