Sweetwater University to “Open” Soon?

Sweetwater superintendent Ed Brand
  • Sweetwater superintendent Ed Brand

Last year, the Sweetwater Union High School District board voted to support a vaguely worded concept about an institution called “Sweetwater University.” The latest gambit for Sweetwater U is online college courses offered to high school students.

In November 2011, the board passed this resolution: “Sweetwater University would partner with local businesses and organizations to provide opportunities for students who complete its programs to be guaranteed a job upon graduation. This Resolution will authorize staff to move forward with the establishment of Sweetwater University.”

Trustee Pearl Quiñones was absent for the vote, trustee Lopez voted against the resolution, and trustee Arlie Ricasa supported it but called for more details.

Sweetwater superintendent Ed Brand told the U-T in November 2011 that “The idea is to live, to go to school, to work, and to have [Sweetwater University] in a self-contained environment called South County….”

The initial discussion included a survey about a bond proposition and a “brick and mortar” university. But Brand said at the time, “All options are on the table.”

The latest version of Sweetwater U is scheduled to begin next semester according to Manny Rubio, spokesperson for the district.

In a November 28 interview, Rubio confirmed that 11th- and 12th-grade students in Sweetwater will be able to take online courses through a university contracted with by the district. Rubio said two of universities the district has considered are DeVry University and Grand Canyon University. Sources say that Grand Canyon University has already been selected.

Rubio said the idea is that motivated students will be able to “get their feet wet” and find out how challenging a university course can be. Reflecting on his own experience as a Sweetwater student, Rubio said, “I was so ready to move on. I would have welcomed an opportunity like this.”

Asked why Sweetwater didn’t partner with Southwestern College or San Diego State University, Rubio said that idea has not been ruled out. Ultimately, there may be several online options available.

Rubio said students would be responsible for tuition costs, which could be several hundred dollars per class. He said that the district is exploring options for student assistance through the Sweetwater Education Foundation and for discounted classes. Rubio said he believes students will also be eligible for federal loans.

Grand Canyon University is a for-profit Christian University. According to a 2004 Baptist Press article, the university was sold “by the self-governing trustee board to California-based Significant Education…a for-profit subsidiary of a company known as Significant Ventures.”

Underneath the many umbrella groups is Michael Clifford of Significant Federation, which has a Del Mar address. Clifford, who in a KPBS Frontline interview defined himself as an “educational entrepreneur,” also takes credit for starting Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Grand Canyon University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. San Diego State University and Southwestern College are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

A senate committee report on health, education, labor, and pensions raised these concerns about Grand Canyon University: “Grand Canyon Bachelor’s students withdraw at a higher rate than many others the committee examined. However, the company’s low default rate does not reflect the high proportion of students leaving Grand Canyon with student debt but no college degree…. Moreover, the high percentage of its revenue Grand Canyon spends on marketing relative to instruction and the low number of career services employees also present areas of particular concern.”

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"Grand Canyon University's" on-line service sounds a lot like the explosion of similar gimmics by many people to separate people from their money via government student loans. Southwestern College, here in Chula Vista, offers the same opportunity for a small fee. What a shame, what a sham.

do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do - back in the twilight zone it appears.

brand is unable to educate the students we now have - as indicated by nearly every high school being on the program improvement list - yet here he goes with another 'deal'. OLYMPIAN PARENTS - ARE YOU AWARE THAT YOUR SCHOOL WAS RECENTLY ADDED TO THIS LIST?????????

"ah hello, fbi/irs, could you please check into brands financials".

it appears the youth and vulnerable parents are going to played. promised education that they will most likely find can not be transferred to most universities or even san diego state. but what the hey, this matters not to brand. with brand it is all about the deal.

but folks here is the real question WHY ARE WE LEARNING OF THIS FROM THE READER? is it not the due diligence of our board members and OVERPAID superintendent to bring such issues before us - you know 'us' as in the ONES FOOTING THE FREAKIN' BILLS VIA OUR TAXES?

while my opinion is but one, i am pretty confident that many others agree

"john mccann, jim cartmill, arlie ricasa, pearl quinones, bertha lopez - tell us, what are you going to do to finally put a stop to this? why was this not opened up for discussion via a board agenda item?" WE WILL BE DEMANDING TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

we wonder why our district is sinking into a pit of dysfunction - it is because we have the invisible superintendent - WHY? because he is out and about cooking up deals. who is going to reap the gold coins from this partnership?

perhaps someone should advise john mccann, jim cartmill, arlie ricasa, pearl quinones and ed brand of the following - THIS IS NOT BELL, CALIFORNIA. but take heed as you are headed for the same end as the leaders of that city.


the south bay is indebted to your news organization - with THE READER it is all about THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go again. The Sweetwater Education Foundation, is not dormant any longer. The foundation for profit for a few of the top feeders like Brand. This is like revisiting a bad dream. The best question in this article is why not partner up with Southwestern College that is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or San Diego State where our students will eventually attend? The answer is simple we want our students to pay more money for their classes to a profit based college and involve the Sweetwater Education Foundation in order for money to be sifted off the top. Isn't the name of our school district Sweetwater Union High School District? We have14 schools in program improvement Olympian High has just been added to the walk of shame. I guess Brand wants the honor of having the first University in program improvement,because he certainly hasn't addressed this issue.

In terms of curriculum, each of Grand Canyon’s bachelor’s programs, online or on-ground, requires six to eight credits, or two classes, in Christian or religious studies, or philosophy. For example, a student pursuing a B.S. in elementary education would currently have to choose between World Religions and Old Testament History to fulfill one general education requirement, and between Introduction to Philosophy and New Testament History to fulfill another.

The university has four learning outcomes related to “Christian worldview” for all bachelor’s degree recipients. The four outcomes are:

"Examine the moral and ethical foundations of a Christian worldview and their application within a global society."

"Examine and analyze ethical issues in the light of a personal system of values, having considered these issues from a Christian perspective."

"Show a basic knowledge of the foundations of the Christian faith, major biblical themes, and historical context."

"Discuss values-based decisions made from the perspective of a Christian heritage.”

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2009/08/03/christian#ixzz2DayvO5oT Inside Higher Ed

Michael Clifford with a Del Mar address? Thats close to La Jolla right? If I recall one of Brand's buddies who was appointed to the Oversight Committee, and is part of an investing program that gives students cash, is from La Jolla. Isnt Brands 'Chief of Staff', the guy Brand partnered with in the failed bank, from La Jolla also? Smells a little fishy to me. With one JC, and 3major universities within a 25 mile radius of this district, he chooses some unknown school with a poor track. Dont our district students deserve better? Dont they at least warrant National University? Based on Brands track record, i would not be surprised if there is some sort of connection between Brand and this Clifford character. Hopefully Susan will have the resources to thoroughly investigate this university and Clifford.
I assure you my SUHSD children will not be attending this 'university'.

I still don't understand what "Sweetwater Univeristy" is. Other than a waste of time and money.

Sjtorres: it is all about the money, some way, some how bags of gold coins will be rendered.

It is another in a long list of ways Brand has found to make money, for his own pockets and those of his cronies, off of the education of young people. It's disgusting.

bvagency: alas, many are failing to identify the obvious "grand canyon university" is a FOR PROFIT college.

brand is going to promise the students the world via government funded student loans. not able to transfer those units students? NOT HIS PROBLEM!

allegedly brand, a certain boc member, and the new chief of staff are known to hang out together in la jolla at one of the threes homes.

i recommend that you google the company - did brand not know we would do just that? - of course he did - does he care? - of course he does not.

people, people, people - what is it going to take for you to storm the board meetings and DEMAND, not ask, john mccann, jim cartmill, and arlie ricasa to answer our questions and DEMAND change.

i have an idea - we could hire a dust cropper - have him fly over the south bay and drop flyers - perhaps delivering the truth to ones front lawn might be an incentive to have another hilltop or southwest meeting turnout.

Why on earth is Brand still in charge?????????????????

Just do not understand that.

SurfPuppy619: brand is in charge because that is what john mcann, jim cartmill, arlie ricasa and peal quinones want. mccann - 'little man who wants to be king' has his eye on the mayoral seat. cartmill - another deal maker in lambs clothing. arlie ricasa, she too was all about reaping the benefits of the seat (see indictment charges). pearl quinones, well this is one who clearly defines 'the light is on but nobody is home'.

ricasa - quinones will soon be gone. mccann and cartmill carry the big C (for alleged corruption) on their lapels. cartmill has been around a VERY LONG TIME. john mccann, well he had the opportunity to bring about change but he chose to use the seat for political and personal gain vs serve.

as stated above, lopez is the only board member whose voting history is indicative of a board member who is fighting for the students and taxpayers.

Since these people want to partner with this university won't there be a problem in the separation of church and state. They are still high school students with in the district and they will be required to take a religion class, hello is anyone paying attention. What about all the students of other religions, Muslim, Jewish, Protestant and so many more. Why doesnt this district pay attention to getting their students prepared for a trade not everybody is college bound. There is something fishy about this Brand has to be getting a kick back has anyone looked to see if he is on the board of this college?

angrybirds: on the board, possibly an investor. friend of a member of the board? with brand who knows. i have a funny feeling some lawyers are going to be knocking on sweetwater's door any day now. but not to worry, eventhough we have little money to balance out the teacher student ratio we have plenty of money to pay legal bills.

remember, WE PAID JOHN MCCANN'S > $6,000.00 attorney fees in his bogus restraining order against a member of this community who chose to demand integrity. 'little man who wants to be king' just hates being confronted with the truth.

I hate to be odd man out here but I think it's not a bad idea to let kids take college courses--although I see your point AngryBirds--what about the issue of faith and separation of church and state. For me the issue is -- I think all the resources of the district, teachers, administrators, financial resources--everything they've got should be focused on helping the students to succeed. And stop relying on gimmicks like ipads--smaller class sizes will raise grades. The class sizes there are getting ridiculous.

How about basic accreditation and transfer of these units to at least CA State and UC stds?

Wabbit: YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!

Exactly--Sweetwater students need to have their credits count for something real, not just go towards Fast Eddy's bank account, or the bank accounts of Fast Eddy's friends.

I agree with cvres, that there are students in our district that giving access to college courses while they are high school gives them a great advantage. But, a for-profit school?

My son, who graduated from SOH a couple years ago, had an instructor there who arranged a college course from City College to be taken at the high school. Dr. Arias (one of the only doctors in our district whom I will address as "Doctor") taught the class in engineering, which my son received college credit.

My son also took a class in American Sign Language at Grossmont College during his senior year, along with a friend. The 4-unit class, which would have cost me $104 to take, only cost them $15 each, not counting their books. Way better than the "tuition costs, which could be several hundred dollars per class" listed above.

dbdriver: i am hearing these courses with grand canyon u are going to run about $200 - that is a far cry from $15. the grand canyon folks will attempt to have the students use student loans etc to finance these classes. the research i have done seems to indicate there is a significant drop out rate. i agree with you and others who have recommended partnering with such educational institutions as southwestern.

dbdriver, I am glad your son took the classes that he did, but ... evidently, when your son "pays" his tuition for this class of $15.00, the total cost of that class does not disappear...if the cost is $104 for a student to take it, who is making up the difference? Is this shifting per student costs? Is this taking away from what the community college is supposed to be doing?

Wabbit, I'm not entirely sure where your questions are leading to. When my son applied to the class, I was fully prepared to pay the $104. As he was a high school student at the time, he only had to pay the $15. I don't know how this takes away what the community college is 'supposed' to be doing. I don't know...teach the community? Mission accomplished.

I do note on the school website that the cost per unit has increased from $26 to $46. So the class would currently be $184. I don't know what the current HS school student fee is.

I do get what you are saying, that the "Cost" of teaching the class stays the same, but having high school student with reduced fees takes away the budget that pays for the class.

However, if you happen to be taking the class as a non-resident, there is an additional fee of $190 per unit. That's on top of the $46. That class would be $944 for a non-resident. How about we kick out all the "local" students out of OUR community colleges and universities and just teach non-residents?

FYI, most community college districts have established 'co-enrollment' opportunities for students in local high schools, usually with 'waived' or reduced fees. This is a long-standing practice, and is part of the college responsibility to cooperate with local public schools. Some high school students take courses that will count toward their high school graduation, some take courses for college credit. Usually, there is a maximum number of units each high school student may take each semester (probably six, but it may vary) and it must be with the permission of the high school counselor. My own son took two courses for college credit at Southwestern when he was a senior in high school. It is a great way for high schools students to take college-level work and get a head start on accumulating units that will transfer to which ever college they will ultimately attend. It is also a smart thing for students to do to get a slight registration advantange at the community college in subsequent semesters. Sadly,now that most community college have had to cut classes and there is intense demand for some of the 'core' curriculum classes, it may be more difficult for high school students to take advantage of the opportunity. I do not know what the current co-enrollment practice is at Southwestern College.

This effort by Mr. brand can now be added to the list of astonishingly ridiculous decisions made by Sweetwater Union. Parents, stop this plan NOW, before it is too late. Just ask the East side families how the decision to open school enrollment to all residents is working out. Overcrowded schools, more traffic, etc. Add I-pod fiasco, bond money gamesmenship, and more and dysfunction becomes a compliment.

Woodchuck: oh, but the east side is benefitting from all of those athletes from the west side - anniej believes that was the plan all along.

do the student athletes matter to this district? ah, that would be a NO! they are a means to an end. our district has lost its way, no longer does it put the students needs first.

when are parents going to stop believing that in order for johnny or martha to have a chance at a full ride sports scholarship that they need to send him/her to a certain school(s)? lets be real here.

athletes whose parents chose to send them to their home schools (on the west side) have faired pretty darn well. anyone who tells you differently - their agenda is personal, IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM - just like brand. why is it that so many adults try and relive their youth thru their athlete son or daughter. this is their time,we had ours. i am excluded from that scenario, hell i could not even master jumping on a trampoline without bouncing off.

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO COMMUNITY SCHOOL PRIDE??????? back when being a sweetwater devil was great, or a lancer, or a spartan -

When it comes to getting accepted into colleges and universities, some of them place limitations on the number of students they will accept from a particular high school. Therefore, it is possible that if your child is getting a good education at a west side school, it may well be to your benefit to stick with that school, as odds may be more in the child's favor that way.

A quick search for Grand Canyon University revealed the following disturbing, although completely expected, information:

  1. According to Rip Off Report, "In August 11, 2008, the U.S. Department of Education filed a qui tam action under the False Claims Act for GCU’s receiving millions of dollars from the U.S. DOE while paying incentives and bonuses to enrollment counselors for any warm body who applies to get a degree at GCU (such incentives and bonuses are illegal and out of compliance with federal mandates).

It was alleged in the federal civil complaint filed against GCU that GCU (1) “knowingly made false statements to get a false or fraudulent claim paid,” and (2) “knowingly submitted false records to get a false or fraudulent claim paid.”

GCU settled out for $5.2 million."

Further information can be found here: http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/2010/08/18/20100818biz-grandcanyon0819.html?nclick_check=1

  1. 188 BBB complaints http://www.bbb.org/phoenix/Business-Reviews/schools-academic-colleges-and-universities/grand-canyon-university-in-phoenix-az-34001345/complaints/

  2. The accreditation agency, Higher Learning Commission, is under review by the US Dept. of Ed for accrediting shady online programs. http://chronicle.com/article/Inspector-Generals-Warning-to/63206/

  3. Individuals involved in student loan fraud tied to GCU http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20120221/PC1602/302219991

I found all of this in under 15 minutes.

Sweethellcat: the difference, you are not looking to fill your pockets with 7 pieces of silver. you are thinking about what is best for the students - that is the difference between you and the leadership of sweetwater.

Sweethellcat: a few words in your post jump out at me - alleged:

fraud -
shady - complaints - false statements - illegal - out of compliance -

it appears grand canyon u, our board, and our superintendent are of like minds

Ed Brand is a predator. He is using his role as a superintendent in the South Bay to make money off of children. He has already filled his pockets by making deals with Pepsi and Josten's, deals which cost our students more than they should be paying. This deal with Grand Canyon University is just criminal. Saddling students will loan debt that they will possibly not be able to pay off in the long term is WRONG. Where is the need for this system? What evidence can Brand provide that this is a viable option?

If you are not familiar with for-profit colleges, Grand Canyon "University" in particular, please watch this PBS documentary: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/collegeinc/view/

This may be Brand's way of creating yet another 'distraction' for his critics, in order to divert attention from other irregularities that may have more severe consequences for him if brought to light. It seems to me that he has a pattern of introducing such wild 'schemes' that enrage and infuriate the critics, who then spend a lot ot time and energy trying to figure it out on its face.

This plan is so blatently outrageous and absurd that he can't possibly be serious about its implementation.

As far as we know, there is no law against 'stupid' ...if there were, Brand and Co would be behind bars for the rest of their lives. BUT, there are laws that have consequences for self-dealing. Watch the bean under the shell and make sure he hasn't taken your money again while you were trying to follow the sleight of hand!

oskidoll: sweetwater education foundation - that is the bean..........................................................

you and i oskidoll, we are of like minds........................

I agree with bvagency, something stinks here. First of all, Sweetwater already has a partnership with Southwestern College, according to this link: Sure there are alternatives that students might like to, or should know about, but why is Brand promoting this particular for-profit university? Then again, oskidoll makes a good point. This simply could be a grand diversion, it certainly doesn't make sense otherwise.

How many times have we asked for forensic accounting going back to Fast Eddy's first being named superintendent of Sweetwater, as in the first time he was in this position?

Diversionary matter, quite possibly--so look into everything.

With Fast Eddy, truly, there is one crackpot scheme after another, and it is probable that none of them benefit anyone more than they benefit he himself.

Those who are in collusion with him will have a great deal to answer for. If they say, "But I didn't know anything", we can say, "Well why did you vote for these things then?"

The majority board of Sweetwater, AKA the Three (to Four) Stooges...doing the bidding of Fast Eddy, master of disaster, promoter of corrupt practices, educating the students in the way they should not go.

When will someone in authority stand up for what is right? Bertha Lopez has been valient, but she could use some backup. County Board of Ed? Are you listening? Are you breathing? Should we administer life support?

questions that bear answering - why:

1- was this not open for public discussion? 2- have we (the owners of the district) NOT been respected enough to be given detailed information? BEFOREHAND 3- if this is a bid qualifier, then why no bid? why didn't our superintendent WORK towards obtaining the best deal possible? and when i say best deal possible , i do NOT mean best deal for brand. 4- why has our superintendent failed to address the many problems our district currently has - i.e. the majority of our schools are on program improvement list? 5- why is brand consistently out there brokering deals that seem to indicate bags of gold coin being exchanged vs. keeping his booty in his superintendent chair? 6- why are we now in the charter school and college business when we have failed to master middle and high school business? 7- where in the hell are john mccann, jim cartmill, arlie ricasa, and pearl quinones? why are they absent from such decisions?

i believe this decision was labeled an administrative decision. I REST MY CASE, another idea of brand's that will fail to assist our students; yet undoubtedly prove to financially benefit brand.

when i offered up an opinion stating that someone needed to look at brand's books - I WAS NOT KIDDING - i am serious!!!!!!!!!!!!

we live in a community where superintendents are asking for homes in exchange for solar panel deals (san ysidro only? hmmmmmmm) think about it, if sweetwater does not qualify for a full blown state and federal audit who does???????????????

the federal grand jury investigating san ysidro - no doubt they are getting an ear full - no doubt the trail will ultimately lead back to sweetwater - any guesses on HOW MUCH THEY WILL FIND???????

Having looked through all these comments, nobody has drawn the parallels between this so-called Grand Canyon U and Bridgepoint and its Ashford U subsidiary. Both are accused of spending most of their money on recruiting and not on educating. But this GCU is worse in that they have already admitted to fraud and paid a hefty penalty. Racketeering at its finest! And who's all for an "affilaition" with GCU, Eddie Brandara! If you thought he could not get worse, well, he just did. But the So Bay voters reelected good ol' Pearl, and her future is now tied to Fast Eddie. It just doesn't get any crazier.

Good point. Ashford has been forced to change their approach a bit, at least locally--there is supposed to be more follow-up with the students. We shall see if that occurs.

You would think that it couldn't get much crazier, but with Sweetwater and Fast Eddy (reason for spelling to be explained later) one never knows.

~~~ Quick vocab lesson: eddy- n. 1. a current at variance with the main current in a stream of liquid or gas, esp. one having a rotary or whirling motion. 2. a small whirlpool. 3. any similar current, as of air, dust or fog. 4. a current or trend, as of opinion or events, running counter to the main current. - v.t., v. i. 5. to move or whirl in eddies.

So, "Fast Eddy" moves against the community's best interests, and he is a bit of a whirler, bringing chaos into every situation. Definitely counter to what the students, teachers and best administrators need and want, much less the community's opinions.

For me, "Fast Eddy" is the way to go with this nomenclature. Sort of encapsulates his destructive and wild tendencies.

Touche. I defer to your reasoned wit, and shall forthwith call him "Eddy" also. That is when I call him anything other than the crook that he is.

What would really be great is if we could call him fired and no longer on the payroll!

i'm lost, i thought we already had sweetwater u,, anotherwise known as Southwestern College? isn't that where the majority of most SUHSD graduates already go? and end up spending more than 4 years enrolled? if that is accurate it also begs the question of the relationship with the multitude of ex-SUHSD admin employees and a board member (counseling dept.) who are employed by SWC or on it's board.

What can I say. I am in no official capacity with any educational entity, but I do pay attention...

Southwestern has been in the comfort zone for Sweetwater kids. I know quite a few who did not spend 4 years there, but went on to other school after one or two years.

The nature of some of the employment relationships might be worth a look.

Swim dad. Let us not forget that Arlie ricasa is employed there

GCU's CEO, Michael Clifford is from AZ. There, his father owned a radio station. Brand's self-appointed chief of staff, Tom Hassey, is from Az, and also owned a radio station. Coincidence? The good ol' boy network thrives in SUHSD. Here is an interesting read on Clifford: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/collegeinc/interviews/clifford.html.

Sweet hellcat, you have made my day. I knew Hassey was connected with Clifford but did not know how. Thank you much.

I feel it is important to reiterate a point I made in one of my posts above. We should all take note and be concerned of the following:

Are decisions being made in closed session that are in fact OUR BUSINESS?

Each and every one of us have the responsibility to educate those who may not know what is going on in our district. If your child is in band - take a few moments when you see a fellow band parent to share the news resources where self educating can be done - encourage them to listen to board meetings on line if they are not able to attend. The same holds true for performing arts parents, jocks and jocketts, ASB parents, robotic parents - in other words all of us.

anniej, of course decisions are being made in closed session. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if everything was really done 'behind the scenes'. Because this bunch knows that their decisions do not benefit the students, teachers, community--only themselves and those who are draining public funds for their own benefit. Sickening.

That little play last night with Filner and all the congratulatory remarks for Quinones was unbelievable. I guess they want at least a minute portion of the public record to reflect that Pearl is admired and respected. The less said about that, the better. What did Woody Allen say? Something about a mockery of a charade of a travesty of a sham of a mockery?

But in reality, I guess this means that Brand is ramping up the idiocy to a level beyond the already stupifying levels of idiocy we have traversed. Is this not ample demonstration of an individual acting out, in an uber-grandiose manner...so the funds for children are going into the gaping maws of for-profit educational entities. Really, it is just a large funnel. I hope the public realizes this will do nothing for their children. I hope that there will not be a single student paying for this. But I am sure the deal means that some money has been sent to this bunch. Money that should be used for the students and teachers that we have.

Hip hip hooray!!!!!!! The HONORABLE Mayor Cox has announced that the city of Chula Vista is going forward with a 4 year university. What does this mean for the taxpayers of the South Bay - well we can put our minds to rest - since brand and his running mates will not have a hand in it we do not have to worry about any questionable activities.

No doubt the mayor and council will be able to look back with pride - as this will stand out as a major accomplishment. Talk about a legacy -

Goodness only knows what venture brand and the crew will come up with now since they refuse to focus on what is broken within our district. With this bunch it is all about what is in it for me vs. what can we do for the students.

I am wondering if this is a new race for public funds...and am hoping that your optimism is well-founded, anniej.

Maybe Brand and crew will work on mandatory preschool, and then try and keep all students in Sweetwater, rather than go to Chula Vista Elementary School District schools?!

There is always a scheme or two brewing with Fast Eddy.

I'm still hoping for the complete forensic accounting report for the past 15 - 20 years.

I am the first one to admit to being jaded when it comes to brand and the majority of the board. McCann could not wait to throw quinones and ricasa under the bus, and we all have heard his rants regarding lopezs' house being searched. Yet ricasa and quinones seem to be skipping down sweetwaterschools yellow brick road hand in hand. However what do you want to bet as soon as the trials are wrapped up McCann will be the first one rushing to speak to the press casting stones of dispersion against the two - can we even begin to imagine what he will say about his x bud "that gandara" and Sandoval?

Truth be told my issue with the lot of them is their voting record. All but Lopez have failed to put the children first, just listen to the on line board doc audio - that is what parts of it make it on line.

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