O.B. Christmas Tree Arrives with Police Escort

The 2012 O.B. Christmas tree arrives
  • The 2012 O.B. Christmas tree arrives

The O.B. Christmas tree arrived at the foot of Newport Avenue yesterday, November 27, with a police escort. An Obecian donated the tree — a star pine — from their front yard.

While O.B. has been known for its "Charlie Brown" trees over the years, this one fared a lot better than last year's tree, which reportedly hit a freeway underpass on the way to town (and it certainly looked like it did). This year’s tree is still a little sparse on top, so the tradition continues.

Jean Lewin, an 89-year-old local, showed me pictures of every O.B. tree from 1983 to 2007. She said her family owned Royal Cleaners on Newport Avenue, a half block away from where the tree is placed each year. She said the building was a white wood shack and eventually became Newport Cleaners before it was sold in the ‘80s. The building now houses the South Coast Wahine Shop.

Jean Lewin's photo of O.B.'s Christmas tree in 1987

Jean Lewin's photo of O.B.'s Christmas tree in 1987

In related news, Ginnie Lynch and Blake Finvold are in their fourth year having a Christmas-tree business in the Apple Tree Market parking lot. They said it has been a joy to see the same families come back every year and watch kids grow up. Ginnie Lynch said it is “so O.B.” to watch someone buy a tree and take it home on their bicycle.

The O.B. Christmas tree will be decorated by local kids tomorrow, November 29, between 9 a.m. and noon.

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Definitely not as bad as some of the ones we've seen in recent years, but the Charlie Brown element is still there for sure! Regardless, my daughter's excited about her class field trip tomorrow to hang the ornaments they've been working on for the last couple days...

Thanks OB'tians for calling it a "Christmas" tree!!!!! You're not all hippies after all.

Oh, that tree brings out the hippie in me! Let's call it: "spiritual reminder of the beauty of nature at the Winter solstice." Or maybe "West Pt. Loma Blvd. homeowner gets rid of big tree for free." To be perfectly politically correct, let's agree to call the immense greenery: "Winter gathering (begging) spot for the urban voyagers and shelter-challenged of OB."

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