$400,000 woman

Elliot Hirshman
  • Elliot Hirshman

San Diego State University president Elliot Hirshman’s $400,000 salary came in for a lot of criticism when it was announced earlier this year. Even Democratic governor Jerry Brown got into the act, telling university trustees they ought to undo the deal. Then, two weeks ago, Timothy P. White, the incoming head of the state university system voluntarily took a 10 percent cut from the pay received by his predecessor, bringing him down to $410,000. But when University of California regents awarded a $400,000 compensation package last month, there was no publicity at all.

Margarita Baggett, the new acting chief operating officer of UCSD’s Health System, will make an annual base salary of $252,000, plus “additional salary” of $81,900, along with “Clinical Enterprise Management Recognition Plan” compensation of $50,085, and $16,695 from the Senior Management Supplemental Benefit Program, bringing her total remuneration to $400,680. She is also the health system’s Chief Nursing Officer.

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This is disgraceful. These people ought to hang their heads in shame. Patients struggle to pay their medical bills and students put themselves in hock for life while these bloodsucking leeches get outrageous salaries and then "additional salaries" as "supplemental" benefits for the senior management? Oh yes, they really need to have their salaries supplemented, the poor things.

Arianna Huffington captured it quite well with her 2003 book,"Pigs at the Trough." Indeed. No one in education or healthcare ought to be making $400,000. At least not if they have an ounce of integrity.

Not in public employment, that's for sure. That is 25 times the poverty rate for a family of 4 in CA.

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