Assault in Ocean Beach Goes Unreported

Corner of Saratoga and Cable, near the site of the attack
  • Corner of Saratoga and Cable, near the site of the attack

An Ocean Beach woman left a bar on Newport Avenue in the early morning hours of November 1, only to wake up covered in blood and being rescued by her neighbors.

She told me she was walking home alone and was near her house on Saratoga Avenue and Cable Street, next to the Sacred Heart Academy, and that was the last thing she remembers.

Her neighbors found her on their lawn, covered from head to toe with blood that was oozing out of a deep wound on her head. She didn't remember being hit by anyone or falling and was missing her cell phone.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where they gave her an MRI to see if she had a concussion (she didn’t), but the gash was so deep, she needed eight stitches internally and seven staples on the outside of her wound.

The woman said she didn't report the incident to police because she was fuzzy on the details. A homeless person found her phone and returned it to her.

The attack does fit the M.O. of some of the assaults that have occurred in Ocean Beach during the past few months; several victims were grabbed or hit from behind.

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the hospital should have contacted the police at the time to let them know they were treating her... due to the severity of her injuries and because she had no recall, the medical staff was obligated to report the incident... they didn't know if it was domestic assault, an attempted homicide, or a hit and run... the phone possibly had the finger prints of the assailant... a month has now passed...

No shit-what were they thinking?????? DNA evidence also.

Thugs really like to use the surprise attack, especially from behind. If this keeps up, human females may finally evolve. We will be born eyes in the back of our heads as well as in the front.

absolutely, ifit may show a trend or pattern for the area, MO, all kinds of stuff.....

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