Monumental: SDSU War Memorial

Sponsored by the SDSU Alumni Association's Veterans War Memorial Committee, the war memorial at San Diego State is one of few such tributes of its kind to be erected on a U.S. college campus.

Located west of the Aztec Center, the monument was designed by former SDSU art professor Jesus Dominguez. Dedicated on November 23, 1996, the memorial is a three-side, 25-foot-tall column faced with white Sierra granite and a jagged-edged top, symbolizing the deaths of fallen soldier-students.

On each of the three side panels are the etched names honoring 228 former San Diego State students who lost their lives in service to their country during the military conflicts of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam War. The monument also lists those who died in accidents while on active duty in America and serving abroad.

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Didn't know this existed... Thanks for the important Veteran's news coverage... Are there plans to add Iraq and Afgan casualties anytime soon? This monument is at the OB pier...

That such a monument exists is news to me. And that it is at SDSU is all the more amazing. That school was an ocean of apathy and indifference when I was a student there in the early 70's, and still one when I was an adjunct faculty member there circa 1980. Of course, the article cries out for some recognition of the sacrifices of those who served more recently in Afghanistan and Iraq. The war in Afghanistan, if it has not already done so, will exceed in length even the Vietnam War, and continues. Folks, it has been more than eleven years since the attacks of 9/11/01, and we have veterans in our midst who have gone to war for many tours of duty since then, and it still isn't over. They deserve to have their spot on this memorial at SDSU. Is anybody out there on the mesa listening?

San Dieguito Academy in Encinitas has a very nice vets memorial for alumni KIA. So far no names have needed to be added for Iraq/Afghan.

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