To serve big government

The local branch of Service Employees International Union, the giant public employees union, has been in the market for a new employee. “We’re looking for a Political Organizer to work in our San Diego office who lives and breathes for political action,” says a recent job notice. “This person coordinates the political action activities of our membership, develops fund-raising activities and prepares officers, staff and members to interact with elected officials.

“S/he also recruits state employees to act as volunteer advocates for issues related to providing public services and improving the public’s opinion of the value of government and its programs.” Duties include planning for “election campaigns, including voter identification and GOTV efforts.”

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Is it that SEIU serves big government, or that big government is there to serve SEIU? Then there's the question of whom SEIU actually serves. Does it serve its members, most of whom they portray as still struggling? Or those in government who wish to rule the roost, and don't much care how they do that?

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