I call it blunk

Pleasure Fix can’t get a gig at SDSU, where DJs rule.
  • Pleasure Fix can’t get a gig at SDSU, where DJs rule.

“It frustrates me that my school won’t help its own students.” Ariel Schwartz, 21, sings and plays bass in Pleasure Fix. She attends SDSU, where she’s studying marketing. Sister Emily, 19, is an SDSU theater major who’s also in the band. All Ariel wants for her Chula Vista–based blues-punk trio (“I call it blunk”) is for a chance to play before fellow students.

She says Pleasure Fix doesn’t need to get paid. “We will play anytime, anywhere [on campus].”

But Schwartz says the students that currently control on-campus entertainment have a DJ fixation.

“They used to have bands play all the time. All they’ve had lately is DJs and an occasional ska band. Usually they hire people who don’t even go to our school.” She says the students who book the entertainment at SDSU have ignored her. “We have contacted them multiple times. All they tell us is, ‘We really don’t have bands play here much anymore. We don’t have the setup.’ But we will bring our own P.A.

“We went to the Associated Students. They referred us to CASE [Cultural Arts and Special Events]. Then CASE sent us back to Associated Students. I was so frustrated...it seems like they are pushing us back. They just keep giving us a bunch of excuses,” Schwartz contends.

No one from Associated Students called back to answer questions for this article. But Yevy Kopeleva, assistant program coordinator for CASE did respond: “We’re in a transition year.” She explained that the old Aztec Center was torn down and a new student center is being built.

So why can’t Pleasure Fix even get a callback?

“We get phone calls multiple times a day of people who want to play here,” says Kopeleva. “It’s hard to accommodate everybody. Give them my email.”

David Moye attended SDSU in the late ’80s/early ’90s. He played in local bands and was arts editor for SDSU’s Daily Aztec. “SDSU students care more about who has the keg. It’s kind of a hard place to break original rock and roll. San Diego State just isn’t set up to help aspiring musicians. The school is better set up to help Hugh Hefner find future playmates.”

The Pleasure Fix, which also includes guitarist Rudy Marquez, appears November 29 at Tin Can Alehouse.

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