El Monte Valley Bobcats Caught on Video

Early on the morning of November 15 in El Monte Valley, I was driving slow like always, hoping to see a cat. Thursday was my day.

El Monte Valley Bobcats

I stopped my car when I spotted a young bobcat close to the road. It crossed the road and I followed  it up the mountain a little bit, where I discovered that there were two more bobcats, seemingly a mother and another cub. What I didn't realize is that I had gotten in between the mother and one of its young.

The mature bobcat stood its ground and began to hiss at me, so I backed off slowly. About 30 yards away, I sat down on a rock, hoping they would settle down. They regrouped and walked away, toward the road.

My girlfriend and I believe we saw the mother last year by herself in the same area. I managed to get a photo of her one evening. She seemed to disappear during this past summer, but here she came back with two kits. I think she learned to eat roadkill last year and she has come back to teach the cubs.

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What beautiful creatures. Billy, you are so fortunate to have captured these cats on video, and the quality is amazing. I've been roaming the mountains and valleys for years and have yet to see a single bobcat in this region. Have had face to face contact with mountain sheep and coyotes, but no cats....yet.

Thanks much for sharing.

Awesome video. Be careful though. I would see them as an archaeologist working for the forest service out doing surveys. We were always warned the damage they can do if you get between them and their kits.

So cool!

Believe it or not I actually caught a baby bobcat in my neighbors back yard last year, t was much smaller than these little ones here, smaller than a house cat.....


What did you do with the baby bobcat? What area was this in?

The bobcat was the size of a regular kitten, very small, but the spots on their fur are very identifiable and they have pointed and identify peaks on the tops of their ears, which cats do not have. I let it go. I was afraid animal control would have killed it. The mother was not around. It was very cool, and interesting

That was the smart thing to do. The mother was probably close by wondering where the little one went. Let's hope they got back together. Maybe the one in the video is the one you let go.

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