Midnight Attack in Ocean Beach

1900 block of Ebers Street
  • 1900 block of Ebers Street

On November 9, around midnight, a 26-year-old Ocean Beach woman was attacked on the 1900 block of Ebers Street.

She said she noticed a man walking near her and told him not to walk so close. He apologized and said, in a soft voice, that he wasn't trying to scare her.

As the victim approached Ebers Street, she heard him run up behind her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her backward onto the sidewalk. He got on top of her and pinned her neck with one hand and covered her mouth with the other hand. The victim punched the attacker in the face repeatedly as she screamed. She was able to kick him in the groin and then he ran off.

A couple living in one of the houses heard her scream and, while dialing 911, came out to ask her if she was okay. The police arrived in less than two minutes and took a report.

The victim noticed blood on her hand from a cut but was sure she had made contact with the attacker’s eye several times when punching him. She told police that he most likely would have a black eye and possibly a cut on his face, as she was wearing several rings. She said some of the blood on her hand might have been his.

The police asked her if she was sexually attacked, and she said she wasn't sure at that point because she was fighting back so hard. Police told her the assault would be reported as a misdemeanor if there wasn't anything sexual in nature done or spoken about during the attack. The victim also told police that he never reached for her purse.

Police drove their car down the street and an alley looking for the suspect but came up emptyhanded.

It wasn't until the victim got home that she noticed bruising all over her chest and thighs.

The victim described the attacker as a Caucasian male, approximately 5'11", in his late 20s to early 30s, close-shaved head with light brown or blond hair, either a pock-marked or freckled face, bad teeth, and wearing a dark blue jacket with possibly a plaid pattern.

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Guy grabs a woman by the hair, pulls her down to the ground, puts a hand on her mouth and grabs her around the throat....she fights him off so no way to know what he had in mind but...that's a misdemeanor?

Yeah, unbelievable. But what do you expect from the SDPD? That they know much? Or that the cops have been trained in anything? Why was she not taken to a hospital? There they would have been able to determine the extent of her injuries. But, well, the cops didn't think of that, did they? We cannot expect common sense from these undereducated and under-trained cops.

Final note: no young woman, or older or younger woman, should walking alone at that time of night in OB or anywhere else in San Diego.

Guy grabs a woman by the hair, pulls her down to the ground, puts a hand on her mouth and grabs her around the throat....she fights him off so no way to know what he had in mind but...that's a misdemeanor?

No, that is FELONY BATTERY, and a good case for attempted rape, or even attempted murder based on the hand over the mouth in a smothering type action. It is only a misdemeanor when you have GED educated cops who have the brain power of a chimp.

I know one thing, I would never mess with this woman, she kicked his ass.

The GED cops should have run DNA tests on her hands-his DNA was there..........good chance his perp has a DNA sample in the database, or will soon.

This is about the 5th news story in the last month on women being attacked late at night. I'm getting tired of them. What is any woman doing walking around by themselves at midnight?

Bottom line everyone, including women, have the right to walk anytime they want to, (even though it may not be the best idea), never blame the victim instead of the criminal.

In response to some of your comments above, I'm sorry to say that many women in OB still don't realize there are any crimes going on here. Word from the newly formed OB Citizen's Patrol is that in their patrols, they still come upon women who are not aware of their surroundings who are walking home late at night by themselves, texting and listening to iPods. The Patrol's aim is to spread the word, and hopefully stop anymore crimes from occurring.

Two attackers are in jail, but the police think there may be a couple or more out there. Obceans aim to take their streets back, by spreading the knowledge and making their presence known.

As far as the police calling this a misdemeanor, it may have not been handled in the best way possible. Hopefully the woman who bravely fought back, might reconsider the charges in this incident.

The cops, DA and the courts decide the charges and what level-has nothing to do with the woman. If the story was accurate it shows what imbeciles we have at SDPD and DA.

As a single woman living alone in OB who also goes out at night it's impossible to always find someone to walk me home. I carry pepper spray and am very aware of my surroundings, but we can't be telling woman to never walk home alone, that is just not going to happen especially now that it gets dark so early. Of course woman shouldn't be on their phone's or listening to music, but this goes for any city that woman are in alone that they should be aware of their surroundings, walk with a purpose and walk in well lit areas.

We need CCW issuance reform in this state. And until that happens, we really should recall Gore and elect a Sheriff who will issue permits to San Diego citizens for their own self-defense.

This case was upgraded from a misdemeanor to a sexual attack. The attacker has still not been apprehended.

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