$7.6 million city parking contract, not priceless

Money may be tight, but San Diego’s mayor and city council have no shortage of ways to spend tax dollars, according to a list of top contracts posted online by the City’s purchasing department. The biggest-grossing San Diego City contractor is far and away the Turner Construction Company, paid $245,715,522 to build the new downtown library. And with gas prices the way they are, it’s no surprise that the SoCo Group comes in second with $39 million worth of “fuel, gas & diesel.” (SoCo also has another contract for $16 million further down the list.) Next comes police and fire radio provider Motorola Solutions, paid $25 million for “parts, equipment, software and supplies.” Fourth is Wall Street’s JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, getting $22 million for an “equip & vehicle financing program.”

Other big-ticket items for the City include $10.5 million worth of dentistry from United Concordia Companies, Inc.; $10.49 million paid to Archer Western Contractors, Ltd., for work at the Point Loma sewage plant; and $7.6 million to Ace Parking Management. Ace has various deals to run the City’s parking lots and garages; the company’s owners, the Jones family, and its employees give often to campaign funds of various elected officials, including GOP mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio and failed GOP-turned-independent mayoral candidate Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher. Further down the City’s contractor list, $6.6 million was paid to CDM, Inc., for “Indirect Potable Reuse/Reservoir” (part of the mayor’s “toilet to tap” sewage treatment effort). And $5 million went to San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center for “participant — medical and fitness evals.”

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Ace Parking is embedded into the pockets of the politicos.

Find out the truth about Ace Parking and its managment at www.StopAceParking.com


by infoom

Isn't the sprawling Ace Parking empire owned by a relative of downtown developer and GOP Godfather Malin Burnham? A son-in-law? Please do tell.

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