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Title: Resonate. Local


Author: Dani Kanemitsu

From: Normal Heights

Blogging since: 2008

Post Title: Make Moves Monday

Post Date: October 29, 2012

Looks like the end of October is turning out to be quite the shining beacon for turducken shit storms. You know, when life sucker-punches you from all sides.

And, you find yourself feeling very…humbled.  And, by “humbled,” I mean “crazy, lost, overwhelmed, livid, crazy, sad, crazy, uncharacteristically violent, short tempered…did I say CRAZY?”

1000 points to the Universe for its impeccable timing.

But, guess what? Life goes on & things work out.

…which I realize is, like, the lamest advice in the history of mankind & provides virtually no solace…but hear me out.

Shit happens & we can allow it to bring us down because it’s so much easier to just surrender…or, we can have our emo cray time, fight through it, grow from it.  It’s your decision.  But, I promise you, worrying’s not going to do a single thing to help you move forward.

Stop asking WHY this is happening to you.  It doesn’t matter.  You can’t change anything you’ve done in the past, so don’t waste another bit of energy wondering, worrying.

Ask yourself WHAT can you learn from this?

Quiet your mind. Let go of the worry.  Refocus that mental energy on bettering yourself.

Believe with all your heart that things are working themselves out exactly as they should.


You’ll get through it.

Post Title: Like This: Metallic Hot Skinnies

Post Date: October 2, 2012

Guys, I want to share something with you.  I have this dream, this not-so-secret desire, that I just can’t keep to myself anymore. I want to live in a world where I can…wear metallic skinny pants. This dream is proving to be a challenge for primarily one reason:  It’s supposed to be, like, 98 degrees today.  Three words: Sweaty. Hot. Mess. It’s just…too hot.  But, once it cools down, best believe I’m gonna do what I can to make this dream of mine come true. You, too, can rock the metallic skinnys. Do it. We can have a metallic skinny pants party.  It’ll be fun. And shiny.

Post Title: Transitional Devices: The Maxi Skirt

Post Date: September 25, 2012

It’s, technically, OFFICIALLY Fall. Yaaay!

…which means crisp, cool air, nostalgic holidays, and pumpkin…everything.

But just because temperatures are starting to drop-it-drop-it-low, it doesn’t mean you have to pack away your favorite summer wardrobe staples. Guess what? With the magic of smart layering, summer pieces, like that maxi skirt, can actually stay in rotation…all. year. round.  Exciting, I know.

The key to transitioning maxi skirts throughout the seasons is to be mindful of PROPORTION.  Bag lady chic is NOT “in” this season or ever.  Balance out a voluminous skirt with fitted tops and cropped jackets.  Lightweight sweaters in natural fibers will keep you warm without adding a lot of bulk.

Post Title: Make Moves Monday

Post Date: July 16, 2012

For at least a decade and a half now, I’ve had the same dream…and, for whatever reason, FEAR! I keep brushing my dream aside, convincing myself that, although it’s the only thing in my heart I’ve ever wanted that bad for that long, it’s just…a silly, little dream.

But it’s not. It’s a big dream. And it scares the shit out of me because it’s so freakin’ big, and my heart wants it so much.

After all these years of trying to downplay it, I still want it. And I never want ANYTHING for this long. If anything, I only want it more. Nothing’s ever felt more right or more sure…so, what the fuck am I doing?

I’m making it happen. Finally. THAT’S what I’m doing. I’m listening solely to my heart. It actually knows what it wants. It’s fearless, persistent.

I’m hitting mute on the incessant, fear-driven chatter in my head.

…can you hear that? No shrill ringing of fear or loud clanging of doubt…just the gentle, constant beating of a heart with purpose.

Let’s do this.

Post Title: Sexy G-Ma Florals

Post Date: July 10, 2012

…yeah, I said it.

Because nothing says “serious rock star sexiness” like some print-on-print action of the Grandma floral persuasion.

…and, nothing about that sentence makes sense…except that it kind of does.

Just like these mixed G-ma prints…or, I don’t know, life?

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