New Off-Road Bicycle Park for Ocean Beach?

Portion of bike track near corner of Nimitz and Famosa boulevards (image from
  • Portion of bike track near corner of Nimitz and Famosa boulevards (image from

Freeride Famosa, the group behind the effort to create a bicycle park in Ocean Beach is gaining momentum, according to an article published last month in the Peninsula Beacon.

The organization has asked the San Diego Housing Commission for a transfer of the property (undeveloped land near the corner of Nimitz and Famosa boulevards) to the San Diego Park & Recreation Department for the purpose of creating a place where bicycle riders can legally ride off-road.

The proposed bicycle park would be open to community members of all ages and ability levels. Currently, the San Diego Housing Commission owns the land and has "a long-term proposal to develop affordable housing on this property," according to Scott Irwin, one of the proponents of Freeride Famosa.

Irwin also noted that the site is "particularly popular with BMX riders because the unique terrain is ideally suited to riding bikes, and the dirt has a high water content that is perfect for building obstacles.”  Also, said Irwin, the location is near schools and across the street from parking and restrooms located at Bill Cleator Park.

Local gardening groups may be getting involved as well, as Freeride Famosa intends to incorporate a self-sustaining garden into the park design. "Proposed landscape drawings for the bike park include picnic and observation areas, community gardens, [and] walking paths."

Though city officials at an April 19 Peninsula Community Planning Board meeting were all in favor of having a safely run bicycle park, according to Freeride Famosa, legal, environmental, and cost concerns were raised.

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