Disgust Discussed

I just finished reading the article on Nathan Fletcher (“Untold Stories,” Cover Story, May 24), and I’m absolutely shocked that anyone would be so petty as to go back in his background and talk about his mother and her problems and her divorces and the father. What was your point? Are you insinuating that Fletcher is a liar like his father, or, I don’t know, something like his grandfather? What in the world would make you write such a disgusting piece? And I’m not even voting for Fletcher. I just think you’re way off base. This is just disgusting.

Flora Hoffman
Pacific Beach

Field A Little Flatter

I’d like to thank the Reader for the piece on Nathan Fletcher (“Untold Stories,” Cover Story, May 24), especially after the U-T endorsed Carl DeMaio. Even though it wasn’t an endorsement, you did level the field a little bit. I believe it took courage and being creative to do such a piece. Isn’t that what journalism is all about?

Sonia Lopez
Chula Vista

Crossword Puzzled

I’m calling to see if someone can explain to me the crossword puzzle appearing in the May 3 issue. The theme of that puzzle is given in 63 across, where it says “Road sign — or a warning to those as they begin to solve 17-, 21-, 39- and 59-Across,” and the answer is “bumpahead” for the road sign or the warning. But the answers [for 17-, 21-, 39-, and 59-across] are “BettyBoop,” “HaleBop,” “twothumbsup,” and “beepbeep.” I can’t understand how that fits the theme “bump ahead.”

I can see maybe where boop at the end of “BettyBoop” and bop at the end of “HaleBop” might be a sound you use in a comic strip to indicate the sound of bumping your head, but “beepbeep”? Though it’s a similar sound to boop and bop, I don’t understand how that would be the sound of bumping a head.

The other answer, “twothumbsup,” completely baffles me. I don’t see how that has anything to do whatsoever with bumping your head. What possible connection could there be with the other three answers that have boop and bop and beep in them?

I’d appreciate it if someone who worked that puzzle could explain that to me and what that theme meant.

Ray McMurty
Chula Vista

News Of The Illegible

Why the devil do you have to make “News of the Weird” so hard to read? It’s on page 114 in the May 24 issue. It’s got fairly decent-size print and fairly decent vertical line spacing. Actually, your “Gather No Moss,” on page 48, has even better print size and line spacing, and it’s a nice column width — four to the page across. But why do you make life miserable with “News of the Weird”? The first and the third columns you print on a gray background. Why do you do that? It makes it hard to read. Look at what you have on page 48. That’s a nice-size print, and it’s a nice white background and nice line spacing.

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