iPirates for Eiden Protest at Apple Store in Carlsbad

Protesters/supporters outside Carlsbad's Apple Store, May 26
  • Protesters/supporters outside Carlsbad's Apple Store, May 26

About a dozen “iPirates” assembled in front of the Apple store in Carlsbad on the morning of May 26 to protest what they said are the computer company’s tax-avoidance schemes. The iPirates were also there to support the candidacy of Dick Eiden, a political independent challenging Darrell Issa in California’s 49th congressional district.

“[Apple’s] headquarters is in Cupertino, California, but their business address is in Nevada, which saves them a good chunk of change,” says Eiden. His group also claims the company is keeping $74 billion in funds offshore in order to avoid paying taxes that would be due if the money was brought back into the United States.

“Apple was the architect of the offshore loopholes for corporations in the ’80s,” said Katia, an Eiden supporter, in explaining why Apple was targeted for the demonstration.

Amused shoppers took handouts that detailed the group's claims against Apple and promoted Eiden’s candidacy. Another costumed individual, who referred to himself as “Senator Cash,” mockingly insulted Eiden and satirically sang the virtues of capitalism.

A security guard briefly consulted with store employees, though interactions were peaceful. None of the protesters attempted to enter the store or disrupt business.

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Dave - Hey, thanks for creating Proof of Life north of North Park ... and for covering the anti-iPiracy action by Dick Eiden for Congress supporters last Saturday at the Apple Store in Carlsbad!

It's not often the Reader ventures into the wilds of North County and we certainly appreciate the great coverage and photo!

Now we need folks to turn out at the polls on June 5 and vote for someone who's not beholden to the special interests and big corporations who are off-shoring billions and ripping off honest taxpayers who are bearing the full burden, while promoting themselves as cool companies with cool brands. What's so cool about being an iPirate and hiding $74 billion in profits? It may be legal but is it ethical?

To see video of Saturday's iPiracy action - click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztISwW...

Dave, thanks for showing up and covering this story. We hope that folks will get and understand how distorted the tax revenue story has become and how multinational corporations that have their roots in the United States are now in a very unpatriotic way, keeping over $1.5 Trillion offshore. The big lie being spread right now in Congress is that if we give them a Tax Holiday, they will bring that money onshore and become job creators. There is no evidence of that happening with prior Tax Holidays that have been given to corporations.

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