Rock and Roll Is About Money

Red Wizard
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The Blurt stories regarding Breakthru Entertainment (“They Aren’t Promoters,” “Rock and Roll Is About Money”) have been pulled from our website due to perceived conflict of interest, as the author of the articles owns and/or is affiliated with a San Diego bar that provides a venue for bands to play.

Interviewees provided the language and information contained in the articles. The Reader has no opinion regarding the business practices of Breakthru Entertainment.

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Although we may feel extorted, we, Red Wizard, will continue playing as long as there is still a respect and appreciation for past brilliant music. This is a noble cause, no matter what the price.

We're not in it for the money, we're in it because we love music. We are fans and students before we are musicians, and we will do this till we die.

This a real shame, and I've seen it here in San Diego.."PROMOTERS" suck you in by playing a great venue, then expect you to sell loads of presale...notice i say..."EXPECT YOU...NOT THE PROMOTER" to sell tickets and promote the show. So in this article there are 6 bands, THEY have to SELL 75 tickets...then GIVE the MONEY to the PROMOTER...$750...for a 30 minute set. $750 x 6 = A SHITLOAD OF MONEY, then gives the Venue Half and pockets the rest....an easy 2 Grand for not doing a damn thing!!!! Yes it is great playing a reputable venue but when a band doesn't even AT THE LEAST get ONE free drink?? Come on.....

This is bloody outrageous. $750 to play 30 minutes at the House of Blues on a weekday night FROM SIX DIFFERENT BANDS! Talk about sucking the blood out of the local music scene. These vampires should be boycotted. This is a PR nightmare. About the same as a media report saying your restaurant gives customers hepatitis. How could a corporation as big as House of Blues/Live Nation do such a

Just letting anyone who cares know... The House Of Blues and their promoters DID NOT like this article, and WILL NOT be allowing us to play the show. I don't know how this is going to make them look any better, but yea, that's what's going on. We have to return all tickets and/or pay for any tickets we cannot return. Support you local musicians! Look us up! Let our music speak for us!

This kind of "promoting" needs to end in SD for there ever to be a viable local music scene again. There are few places for a local band to perform anymore without getting screwed. But this degree of extortion is, almost unparalleled . It makes it really hard to want to continue playing in this city.

I'm proud and glad musicians this young are Bringing attention to such issues as this, it's promoting like this that keeps young bands out of big venues and makes it difficult for new music to get the exposure it needs and deserves. I personally would love to help this band get the chance to play. Where do I sign up

It has recently been brought to my attention that it was breakthrough entertainment that did the canceling of this show . Spread the word

No offense, but you guys were getting hosed and the best thing possible would be to not play that show. I can't believe the words "pay to play" haven't even been mentioned because that's exactly what this is. LA promoters have been using it to rip off hungry young bands for years and will continue to do so as long as there are gullible schmucks to take advantage of. Refund to the folks who bought tickets. If this "promoter" starts putting the screws to you for money, tell him you'll see him in court or you'll see him in hell. There are places to play without having to jump through these hoops. Anybody who thinks there aren't needs to get out more. If you really can't find a place make your own. Damn, don't kids throw parties anymore?

I think this is a bit of a one sided story. I've seen both sides of scene here, and what people are forgetting is the expenses that come into play with running a venue.. especially one like House of Blues. Their staffing isn't cheap, nor is their advertising. No one is holding a gun to your heads to play a gig like this, and you shouldn't be playing these types of gigs unless you have the fanbase to back it up. I hate articles by Ken, because he is a venue owner, and a constant character assassin. Sorry you guys may be in over your heads, but you chose to play the show. And NO, I am not affiliated with the show, venue, or bands in any way.

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