Jack White's Blunderbuss

After a repetitive electric organ intro, it's a relief when Jack White's voice chimes in on opening track "Missing Pieces." White knows that you can't stand the anticipation and it's a solace. The White Stripes may be through, but Jack White is gracious enough to share his seemingly effortless gifts.

The dirty, harsh guitar of "Sixteen Saltines" is straight from the White Stripes formula. It's a reminder of what White created in the past, but it's not the White Stripes, and it's not meant to be. It's the new Jack White - freedom chill vibes for sure.

"Love Interruption" is a depressing love song. If you listen to the lyrics rather than the melody, love is a torture that can lead to pure bliss but then turn around and punch you in the face. "I'm Shakin'" is pure jingle, jangle white-boy blues-rock, complete with references to Bo Diddley and back-up vocals.

You may wish the White Stripes reunite after you listen to Blunderbuss. Because the only thing that keeps this record from being extraordinary is the sexual tension between the guitar and drums of Jack and Meg.

  • Album: Blunderbuss
  • Artist: Jack White
  • Label: Third Man Records
  • Songs: (1) Missing Pieces (2) Sixteen Saltines (3) Freedom at 21 (4) Love Interruption (5) Blunderbuss (6) Hypocritical Kiss (7) Weep Themselves to Sleep (8) I'm Shakin' (9) Trash Tongue Talker (10) Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy (11) I Guess I Should Go to Sleep7 (12) On and On and On (13) Take Me with You When You Go

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Allison~Can't you,among other readers,realize the fact that Jack did not,was not,and,most likely ever be a "side product" of the White Stripes, It is the other way-the W.S. was a side project that paid off,as far as catapulting Jack into the fore front of various idiom's of music. As of late,Jack is busy helping/producing other artists~andnot all of them are of the 3 chord rock/blues formula. I am waiting for Jack to score a complete movie soundtrack.

Jack White has been in the Dead Weather and the Raconteur since The White Stripes.

Why only White Stripes comparisons?

don't think that's an organ intro, rhodes or a wuril

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