Fatty Weighs In

Freelunch is tired of seeing 12 rappers onstage with one mic. “I’m trying to infiltrate my music into the hip-hop scene.”
  • Freelunch is tired of seeing 12 rappers onstage with one mic. “I’m trying to infiltrate my music into the hip-hop scene.”

Fatty Freelunch has been around the block.

“We were the first band to play SOMA, and we were the last band when it closed.” Ms. Freelunch is talking about Len Paul’s original south-of-Market venue downtown. She was the backup singer/dancer for Daddy Long Leggs, a San Diego staple on the band scene from 1984 to 1996. The punk/funk/ska band was founded by her older brother, Damien Dunmore, and played places such as L.A. punk showcase Madame Wong’s and the Palladium, where they opened for Fishbone.

“There was Fishbone and Bad Brains, but we were the only black punk rockers on the local scene when we started.... I’ve had a mohawk since I was 12.”

While in Daddy Long Leggs, Freelunch opened for Mighty Joe Young (later Stone Temple Pilots) in 1990.

“I loved the way Scott Weiland danced,” she recalls of that show at the now-defunct Bodie’s in the Gaslamp. “He asked me to go up onstage with him and dance with him on ‘I Call My Baby Pussy,’ by George Clinton.

“It was hard times for us black punk rockers back then because we had to go to white clubs to hear the music we liked. We’d be having a great time onstage, and then we’d see the crowd separating. You’d see skinheads coming to the front of the stage. They came in to do damage. You could see it in their eyes. It was hard to tell between the white-supremacist-Nazi-skinhead punks and the regular punk rockers who had the chains, suspenders, combat boots, and bomber jackets. My friends told me terrible stories of being attacked by skinheads. At least four to five shows were shut down because of them.”

Now in her 40s with four children, ranging in age from 2 to 24, Freelunch fronts her own six-member reggae/funk/rap/R&B band called Fatty Freelunch and the Natives. Though she raps in her new group, Freelunch says she’s trying to get fans to know that there’s more to music than hip-hop.

“It’s getting so predictable. I’m really tired of seeing 12 [rappers] onstage with one microphone. I’m trying to infiltrate my music into the hip-hop scene. Anyone can talk about bling and titties all day. I say [to the rappers] that since you don’t sing and you don’t play an instrument, you should at least have lyrics that mean something. A lot of hip-hop is very shallow to me.”

Fatty says she has made some headway into connecting with the predominantly hip-hop crowd that comes to see her band play every Wednesday night at Riley’s in Point Loma.

“The world is fucked up. I write to keep from cussing people out. We have to do something. Writing lyrics keeps you sane.”

Fatty says she is working on a musical play. “It’s Fatty Freelunch’s Fudge Factory. It’s a black version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory...pygmys instead of umpa-lumpas.”

Freelunch has bounced back and forth between L.A. and San Diego. “I ran away when I was in sixth grade. I would hang out with the Hollywood punk rockers in abandoned buildings like Errol Flynn’s mansion. Tourists from Australia and China would see our mohawks and take our pictures standing on the corner. We made them pay us for that.... After six months up there, my mom found me and took me back.

“I had to get out. L.A. is an evil place. If you ask me, it needs a big bucket of bleach to be dumped over it. There is gum on the sidewalk every six feet. San Diego is a much cleaner place.”

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Let's get a few things straight, I have no qualms about someone in the midst of self-promotional-piracy dropping a few resume-fluffing references, we've all done it, we've all been encouraged to do it, and many have benefitted from doing it. What makes it offensive is when one fudges historical facts, redefines someone else's legacy product, and does it all without proper permissions. Daddy Long Leggs consisted of 4 core members, Damien Dunmore, Mike Watson, Robert Walter, and Brian Jordan. All other associations were either short-lived involvements or of a guest nature which should hopefully not devalue the handful of peripheral player's contributions to DLL. Around 1984 Robert Walter, Mike Watson, and Damien Dunmore founded the magnet-high-school emergence of what would become Daddy Long Leggs once Brian Jordan's necessary eyes and appendages were added. In those days we pranced about with notions of boundless stylistic abandon as most young musicians do, but "Punk/Funk/Ska"? If anything we were Funk-Rock, with Punk & Ska as mere pepper-grinder grits on the table around the dish. We also attempted to blend Metal, Reggae, Prog, Jazz Fusion, & World Fusion to name a few. also, the implication that "we were the only black punk rockers on the local scene when we started", well last I checked I wasn't black, neither was Robert Walter (although at times we wished we were) and we weren't punk rockers either. Like our current president, Daddy Long Leggs was half black, half white and should not be made to be representative of any racially premeditated motive, we just developed that way naturally. Now over 20 years past, our local legacy has almost vanished, so if it's going to be recited and rewrited, I also have no qualms about squashing the false facts. So next time you try to float under the radar with a past association inflated by mostly hot air, make sure you check with the real Daddy Long Leggs, 8 Leggs is what made this thing walk.


So let me get this this straight? She has to get "permission" from you to say she sang backup with Daddy Longlegs? She never said she was a core member. The world of music is better off now that you made it clear she was not one of the core members and you were. If she wants to tell about the time she shared the stage as part of Daddy Longlegs with Scott Weiland, what's it to you? Besides she's still in music. What do you do now Schmaltzy? Plus, what were the false facts?

Thank you for being so genteel my dear friend and brother Mike Watson. I am so fortunate to have met you and the fellas in this life time, I love you all dearly and am grateful for our time together as Daddy long leggs.

Let me start by saying that I love my sister Dawn (Fatty Freelunch) dearly and wish her the best in the long and hard and sometimes rewarding road of music! She has always been an inspiration to me in her style of fashion, lyrics, and most of all dancing and stage antics. She taught me how to dance. While growing up with my younger sister I always encouraged her to pursue her talents. I am proud that she is trying to make a name for herself.

1.Fatty Freelunch was never a member of Daddy Longleggs and the article is written that way. No way around that!

  1. We were not a Black Punk Band:(

  2. We played several shows with Mighty Joe Young Scott Weiland and I were friends. And we had mutual respect.

4.We played so many shows back then and I am not sure were she is getting her Details from but we played more L.A. shows then just Madam Wong's and I do not remember ever Playing at the Palladium I would have to check with the fellas on that one.

  1. Fatty is a multi talented artist in her own right and comes from a strong musical family background. I was more then happy to invite her onstage with us.

  2. The world is not a f__ed up place. It is a wonderful playground of Earthly Delights meant for our pleasure and enjoyment. Unfortunately Chimps evolved into Humans as Well as Bonobos, and the Chimps being way more aggressive are temporarily in power:)

  3. I am stopping at 7 because It seems to be a lucky number for everyone. Do yo all catch my drift, Due dilligence before writing articles please!! I did not found Daddy long Leggs!! I was invited to Join Dragon Feather (which became Daddy Long Leggs) after being convinced by Mike Watson to move back to San Diego. We wanted to do something great. We had influences but we did not want to sound like anyone else so we pulled the frets off our guitars, that is why we did not play Ska which was very popular at the time. We were a mixture musically and the four of us created Daddy Long Leggs and yes we spelled it with two G' s.

As far as the comment from sageofsantee about Mike Watson. He is one of the best musicians I have ever known and I am proud that he never sold out and that he continues to create the music he loves. Much love to all my friends and family In So-Cal, I had to take a break from you. I moved to the Pacific Northwest:)

As the old Stick3x would say "PARTY PEOPLE GET HYPAAA".


WOO, what happen too the numbers:) HAAAA HAAAAA

I mean, ya really gotta just laugh sometimes, I swear to Shepherds and there flock of sheep that I numbered everything right before I posted!

Fatty said she was a backup singer/dancer for Daddy Longlegs. True or false? Just because she was not a "core member," if she sang and danced with the band on stage, I think she has the right to talk about her days with DLL as she wishes. She never claimed to be a core member. So you were friends with Weiland. What's your point? DDL was a very cool, ahead of its time band. Fatty had a part in it. She was talking about how she remembered it. What put the twist in your panties? It is safe to say Mike Watson and Damien never sold out. Neither did Fatty. Plus she never gave up.

Claiming to fail to see where the lies lay? Now that's "Punk Rock"!


I do not need to make anymore comments:) HEEE HEEE, Thanks Mike:) We do not need to add any fuel to the fire and we surely don' t need to argue with idiots he FAILED reading comprehension:) This is some funny ass shit!!!.

You ex-members of DDL were much better at music than defending your thoughts in writing. I'd like to hear what Fatty has to say about this. I liked your one like about how Weiland liked you best. All you can do is FAIL and post a picture of a gun. Hmmmmm.

This is Samantha,

Damien i was seeing Daddy Long Leggs Play back when you guys used to play with Freak Seen, Honey Glaze and Flatten Manhatten back in the day when Soma was on Union Street Downtown and it was still 18 and up to get in 1990-1991 anyways, I met Dawn way back when and "Cat" because everybody who Came to see you guys play and my Best Friend Del Brown can Vouch for it, knew who your Sister was because she was Dancing on Stage for Daddy Long Leggs, she was the Reason the Crowd "GOT HYPED" she was stage diving,dancing and getting people in Grove, the Videos that were Filmed then of the shows would show that, AND YOU OWN THOSE TAPES!!!DAMIEN but i have access to them as WELL!! Me and my Best Friend Del Brown Were probably the only 2 black people in the Crown that came to see you guys play in a ALL WHITE Following, and we had endure so much of the Bullshit and Racial Stereotypes, and Criticism from Both Worlds especially being that Del and I both grew up "POOR" Black, and into Punk,Rock,Funk,Alternative,Indie,Metal,Soul and Motown, Music but didn't follow the Norms we both related to "Dawn" because she Came into the People when she come off stage and Didn't have the "Ego" Iam Higher than you ,i love her gypsy personality, and her Talent which i soon discovered was her singing ability and Song writing genius when your Father was alive is what Drew us even Closer as Friends, You Should have made that Picture of Gun a 12gage because she won't be held back this time, this is her time to Shine, instead of Anger you should be Happy for her and Keep it at That, BUT SHE WON"T BE HELD BACK EVER AGAIN BY RUTHLESS TACTICS!!!called operation CAIN and ABLE she comes with "Grains" she's Able and planting seeds and Cain you will be seen for your horrible Deeds on JUDGEMENT DAY!! but she still loves you because your her brother,but lacks trust

Fair to say, Fatty Freelunch did have a performance affiliation with Daddy Long Leggs, exaggerated or not, let's be clear that she was often there. My response to her Blurt was not intended to suggest she was just making up the whole story out of nothing, but the Blurt is more about who she is and what she is doing today with her own band. Let's leave it here as an interview about Fatty Freelunch, not DLL.

Mike Watson

Sorry Mike Watson. You are not off the hook. You said she lied. She lied about nothing.

Well I guess "sageofsantee" told me! I'll keep an eye out for that "hook".

You do that. And I'll keep an eye out for your band that is supposed to exist.

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